Paperback swap and let me recommend two books and one website I like.

I redid my home/front page and cleaned it up a tad. I didn’t want to get rid of these so I’m reposting them on their own post and backdating it.

Like to hold real books?

Paperback Swap for those of us who still want to hold a real book in our hands. Here is the list of books I have to swap.
Separate from the credits for sale, these are the books I have on there and would sell for the same price as the credits. our home is smoke-free.

I have 50+ book credits on paperback to sell but I’m on A La Carte plan and can not list them in their Discussion Forum topic in the Book Bazaar Discussion Forum without being an annual member. Must be a paperback swap member for me to transfer them after payment. You use credits to get books. You can use the credits to swap with anyone on Paperback Swap.

$4 each for buying less than 10
$3.50 each for buying 10-25
$3. each for buying 25 or more

I’ve had migraines for years. A few before my 30’s then they hit worse often taking up 17 days per month for about 10 years. I kept a log of what I ate, my cycle, activities, the weather and I found this book very helpful. Migraines run in my family and they took off horrible when my dad got cancer. I’ve learned a lot over the years, my triggers, or combo of triggers etc and to just stop and take Imitrex at the start, instead of trying to save the (only 9) pills they’d Rx a month when we used to have a doctor. Thankfully a few years ago they started letting up quite a bit. Let me suggest this book, The Migraine Brain by Carolyn Bernstein M.D. and Elaine McArdle.

A migraine is so much worse than just a bad headache. My world comes to a screeching halt and often they don’t just come, I take meds and they’re gone. They linger, they’ll mostly respond to meds but may roll back worse and can last for days. Sometimes they hit all of a sudden but the effects linger making it hard to think, to concentrate, to see light or movement and often my entire body aches afterward and I feel completely drained. All my plans and good intentions of what I planned to do are put on hold and I appreciate your understanding – especially if you are waiting on me to work on your job or we had plans that have to be postponed.

My husband went undiagnosed/misdiagnosed for about 10-12 years with the celiac disease. They tested for all sorts of things but unfortunately, they did not test for celiac. Years went by and he kept eating gluten until eventually, he got DH, a skin disease that manifests from continued ingestion of celiac. Only 20% of celiacs have this. Had he been tested for the autoimmune disease and got off gluten he may never have developed this itchy skin rash that looks like he’ll always have to take meds for even though he has been gluten-free for years. A big thank you to the RN at the dermatologist for recognizing and testing for what doctors missed. I don’t like to cook. Never have- and now it’s a tad harder. The learning curve was steep we tried tons of gluten-free products and have found some now he likes and I can cook with. It’s best just to eat naturally gluten-free food instead of substitutes like prepackaged and it’s hard to dine out. All that to say this book helped.


I’ve used Ebates Now named Rakuten since 2013. Can’t beat money back on stuff you were going to buy anyway.  Clicking thru takes seconds and it adds up.


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