Monthly Archives: December 2014

Finally, I had a cat to call my own

I love almost all animals, but I wasn’t a cat parent until April of 1990. Growing up, having to live by my parents rules, I was allowed almost every animal except a cat. Not that I didn’t ask more than once. My dad just didn’t like them, because growing up the cats were allowed inside and out, on the counters and tables and near the food and he always disliked them. 

We had just gotten back from our honeymoon when my cousin called. Her boyfriend’s cat had kittens… “did I want one?” YES YES and YES. My husband was like “yes, what?” I told him I told my cousin I’d take a kitten and he said he didn’t really want pets.  I’d been told no all my life. I joke about telling him having pets was in our wedding vows.  She wasn’t the nicest cat but she was loved and she shared our lives for all seventeen of hers. She always wanted to be in the same room with us, she just didn’t like being petted. She greeted us at the door every time we came home, but I think it’s because she was expected what food we brought for her