Daily Archives: February 9, 2015

Please bear with me

I’m new to WordPress. Yeah, I know you didn’t think there was anyone left who didn’t have a blog right?

I had Multiply, and something journal, then I went to Blogger and now I’m starting over again here on WordPress. I’d hoped that social media would be enough but even with G+ and it’s different circles, that I love, it’s still hard in my opinion, to just see what you are interested in.

I’ve read that I really need to get it set up the way I want it right off the bat because big page and category changes later can make quite the mess.

Once it’s the way I have envisioned, I’ll have a place where you can read just what you’re interested in instead of a melting pot of my scattered thoughts all in one place.

Thank you ahead of time for your interest and for your patience.