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Capturing memories one click at a time

I absolutely enjoy photography as long as I’m the one behind the lens. I have more patience and less fear if my camera is in my hand. I love trying and learning new things and even if no one else ever sees what I photograph and most of it lives on my hard drive I do it for me- of course, it’s always nice when someone else enjoys seeing what I saw the need to capture.


I shoot almost everything but people. Animals and macro close-up photography are probably my favorites.
I see God’s beauty all around me. 

Kim,berly Oct 14 (7) (Custom)

It’s not about the camera, which is a good thing because I don’t even own an DSLR. I have a bridge Panasonic that I love and the next model is what’s next on my wish list. Not that I don’t try to win an SLR, and photography software because I do, but it’s not what drives me.  I enjoy going out with other photographers, and I especially like hiking to waterfalls.

As far back as I can remember I was always the one with a camera. Remember back when you had to roll the film forward and wait weeks to get your 24 pictures back? When I was younger I used to be able to draw- those days have been replaced with the camera. I joined a local camera club after my interest had increased quite a bit.  On a trip to Grandfather Mountain, the battery door on my Canon point and shoot broke. I was so upset. 

Then I started my camera search and my hobby took off.

I think creative people see the world just a little bit differently and I plan to share some of my favs on here.

Here is a link to Topaz, one of the plugins that I like

I also like OnOne and Nik.

LOVE is in the air

for a moment, then the hissing and swatting takes over.

Sibling loveSibling love is different I guess.

For some odd reason, Tyler hasn’t wanted to be on his tall scratcher lately and instead is hogging Trinity’s low scratcher.

We didn’t pick out who got what scratcher but they did and it’s been decided for years- until it wasn’t. Even though Trinity is much smaller she’s not quite ready to give up her spot for her brother.

Mine don't wanna share

Hope it works itself out soon and the sweet sibling love comes back.

Happy Valentines Day