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Friday night reading a post on my facebook page (Thank you Cecile) about a cat having seizures from low potassium and it showing okay in the blood but something about the muscles; I went to go back and look at Trinity’s bloodwork. I realized I’d never looked at it, just went on Greeville’s Dr G. saying everything but her phosphorus was normal. EOS was also low, Cholesterol was high and potassium and GGT were normal but on against the line to being low.

After the toxo and cryto came back negative and I mentioned the almost low GGT and K to my cousin / vet Dr. S. also noticed her blood work wasn’t done until 17 hours after her first seizure. She said ideally it’s good to take it as close to the seizure as possible to look for the seizures cause. Also she said blood pressure was also an important test to be done as close to the seizure as possible to outrule high bp even though she doesn’t have kidney issues. She said seizures can be from bp, low K, glucose etc.

She tried to call Greenville to get the bloodwork that had been done the night of the 9th but none had been drawn. She also noted the blood pressure test needed wasn’t done even while they did one that didn’t tell the whole story during her heart ultrasound.

Now I do realize that at the time of her first episode everyone was leaning toward heart not seizures with her VPC but without the bloodwork or bp it’s not really showing all the possible causes.

I did call my local vet to take her in Monday morning before giving her the mornings phenobarbital to have her bp check and electrolyte / potassium checked. Dr. S neurologist consult said the Phenobarbital would affect the bp. He is also the one who suggested the Zonisamide over phenobarb because it is less sedating and is less irritating on the liver. I also realize that I can’t continue to just stay at home and stare at her whenever I’m not sleeping.

Okay, appointments made and then Saturday she was out of it all day.

She’d been sleepy and uncoordinated, dopey acting but it had been worse from about 30 minutes after giving a dose to 2 hours or so afterward. Saturday she was zonked out all day. She let me hold her against my chest and didn’t care. She only likes laying on us on our legs facing out. She was very wobbly and I never felt I could leave her unwatched at all today for fear she’d fall trying to get on or off something.

I called my Dr. S again because being my cousin I could reach her to ask her after hours on the weekend and because I trust her educated opinion. She said since her seizures were short and she hadn’t had one since Sunday the 22nd that we’re aware of to cut her dose in half for tonite and Sunday. She wondered if something else was going on, either her bp, potassium or simply taking a turn for the worse and it was worth the risk of a short seizure to observe how she acted. To try to see if it’s just the Rx that she acted different on than she had been. She did tell me that lethargy was indeed common especially during the first 2 weeks but that it was worrisome that today was different as phenobarb doesn’t build up in the system and today shouldn’t have been worse than the last five days.

I plan to skip church and just watch her. She did eat and did drink when I picked her zonked out self up but as soon as she sat back down she was falling asleep and when she was laying down she’s really out. Sounds that normally scare her she doesn’t even open her eyes for. Her gums are pink and slick, her shoulder blade skin snaps right back. She is biting at her feet while she’s awake but that wasn’t much today. Sleeping isn’t quite a strong enough word but I can’t come up with one.

Monday when I’m at Dr. M I need to have those two test done and I need to get the printed results for the Toxo IGG/IGM and cryto antigen test plus I don’t have Tyler or Trinity’s last blood work print outs. Depending on how she acts today and the test I’ll also need to get more anti seizure meds as she’ll run out on Tuesday if I counted right.

3-29-15 7:30 am So she’s not herself on 1/4 of a tablet but she’s not comatose acting like yesterday. Now we went to bed 9 pm so we observed very little of the change to less dopey overnight.

I’m assuming even after 2 weeks she’ll still not be like her old self ever while taking any anti-seizure drug. I just don’t want it forever like she can’t do anything but sleep and be wobbly where I worry about her falling all the time.

Wondering if Zonegran (generic: zonisamide) really better on the liver than the phenobarb? Is it way more expensive? Has the generic been tested on cats too?

Now I’m hoping it’s bp or low potassium instead of a brain tumor and all this anti-seizure talk will not be needed but I got my hopes up on the toxo/cryto too.

8:15am I went with ¼
9:10 am – she’s out.

I will say that worrying about her has helped me ignore my annoying tinnitus and anosmia!

TnT update

We still haven’t heard back yet on the results of the Toxoplasmosis titres IGG & IGM or the cryptococcus antigen test from Monday.

Trinity hasn’t had a seizure that we’ve seen since Sunday morning unless she’s had one at night or the 2 hours I’ve been out of the house in the last week. She’s really dopey on the phenobarbital but I’ve been told as she gets used to over the next few weeks, she should be less wobbly and sleepy. It only takes about 30 minutes for each dose to hit and she is pretty loopy for at least 2 hours then just sleepy. During those 2 hours each day, I really watch her to make sure she doesn’t fall and have padded the floor under most everywhere she likes to lay. Her eye looks better already since I went back to grain free food on Monday. Both of my cats go a long time in between using the litter box – like way longer than I’d like but that hasn’t changed much. She is still biting at the bottoms of her feet though. Still praying it’s the blood problem we can treat and not just treat the symptoms the rest of her life. I still don’t know if this shortens her life but I guess that depends on if the meds keep the seizures at bay and what is the cause of them.

Tyler is still being a bully. I took egg crates and put them on their side wedged between the wall and entertainment center to try to give him his own scratcher and I’ve entered a photo to try to win the jumbo PetFusion that we hope they would share. They are so jealous of each other. I think Tyler would even like a pill because she’s getting something ‘special’ that he’s not getting.TnT TnT TnT

Better sleepy than seizing!

??????????????Because the seizures were so frequent, Trinity is on phenobarbital as of 4pm yesterday. 1/4 gr 2x a day… I’m going to have to buy some more chicken and turkey Whole Life Pet Products treats! Glad she’s not as hard to pill as her brother. The blood has been drawn for some more test so now we wait 3-4 days to hear the results. Wish I’d have asked if the Rx helps right away or needs a few days to build up in her system to stop the seizures.

They said the only thing I can do other than the Rx or more testing is reduce her stress. The only stress I can see is her brother. He’s been worse than normal lately. He keeps running her off wherever she’s at- especially her favorite spot on the PetFusion scratcher. Not sure if he senses something is wrong or just knows he can get away with it right now. Now I’m watching for seizures and any reactions to the new Rx. I’m trying to pad the floor under where she likes to lay in case she falls. I also want to know if the meds are working. See that bed she’s in? We’ve had it for years, but she just started using it again lately. She often burrows down in it where you have to stand over it to see her.

See that bed she’s in? We’ve had it for years, but she just started using it again lately. She often burrows down in it where you have to stand over it to see her.

don't wanna share

In addition to putting her back on grain free food instead of Rx c/d for crystals, I’d like to get them that new jumbo Pet Fusion scratcher so they each had a level unlike the one they keep fighting over. We have to pay the vet bills first so not sure if that’ll be their 8th birthday present next month or not.

I did read this after I was already wanting to put her back on grain free anyway.…/

Moonfixer by CC Tillery cover redesigned

My most recent cover design was a redesign of the second book in the internationally bestselling Appalachian Journey series by CC. Tillery.

Not only did I enjoy designing the cover, I enjoy the series too!

Moonfixer by CC Tillery – 2nd book in the bestselling Appalachian journey series

First day of spring 2015

Well this morning I had every intention of wishing everyone a happy first day of spring. Then after Trinity having another episode I didn’t feel all that happy but you know what- she’s napping, not in pain and we still have her with us and I have friends and family who care.

??????????? ??????????? ???????????

Where to go from here

I really appreciate the comments and caring about my girl.

P1070240 (Medium) (Mobile)

We were planning on celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. For years, we said we’d go to Alaska. When Trinity was diagnosed with struvite crystals and her and her brother can’t eat the same food we felt like the extra hassle was too much to ask of someone so we backed it back up to a week in Alabama/New Orleans/Texas.

I am unable to forget that sound or seeing her pass out and thinking she had passed. I don’t even want to be gone a week even though they would be checked on twice a day by someone I totally trust. I am having a hard time leaving the house for fear of something happening and her being in pain with no one to help her. Not to mention the test so far cost about half of what we budgeted to celebrating our anniversary, so the money just isn’t really there for both.

All bets were on a heart issue. Not knowing if they really have any Ragdoll in them didn’t stop the vets from checking her for cardiomyopathy. Her heart looked good on the ultrasound even thought the first EKG right after it happened showed VCP. It could still be heart and 2 of the 3 vets who we’ve been talking to say to give a baby aspirin every third day just in case it is because it won’t hurt anything if it’s not her heart.

Educated guesses are she could have an abdominal mass that threw a clot to her brain. Part of her abdomen showed on the x-ray and she just had her bladder ultra sounded in August 2014. It could be her brain. It could be some super rare adrenal gland cancer. It could be her heart rhythm or it could be a one time thing that will never happen again- which is what we hope. I have no idea if it’s ever happened before because she’s acting normal now. Even though she didn’t shake or go stiff it could’ve been a seizure. Between myself, my husband and 3 vets we are split as to wait and watch to see if it ever happens again or put her through more test. In reading I saw that some cats faint when their neck is under pressure. Tyler and Trinity always stuff themselves in the bed together near my computer, but he neck was against the soft roll of the bed. They also both have bad dreams and sometimes wake up hissing. Not sure that could cause a cat to pass out and an irregular heartbeat.

More test means putting her through things she doesn’t like. She doesn’t like leaving the house and frankly doesn’t care to be around other people. She also has a reaction to being shaved which they’d need to do for an abdominal ultrasound and she’d have to be on meds to not freak out while her hair grows back out. I know weird, but it’s a fact.

They’ll be 8 next month. If it is her heart rhythm we can’t afford nor would I put her through the test at an animal hospital or getting a pacemaker. If it’s a stomach mass and could be controlled by meds I’d do that but I’m not sure I’d put her through surgeries for that. I don’t want her last days/months/years filled with that just to delay the inevitable. I was so glad to go pick her up and I think she was even happier to be home. If she passes young because she throws a clot at least she was comfortable at home.

I thought I was doing better but as I was typing she let out a big normal meow. Not a pain one like she did before, just a meow and my stomach flopped. She’s bounced back to normal way quicker than me. If I hadn’t seen it I’d have no idea it happened. I have no idea if it’s happened before as there seems to no lasting effect. My cats are my kids, my furbabies and are loved greatly as part of the family.

Worried about my Trinity

P1140412-e (Custom)Out of the blue Trinity howled and passed out limp Monday around 5pm. We’ve made 3 trips to a clinic an hour from here and don’t know much. I was sitting beside her when it happened and I thought she had died. She was completely limp and out for several minutes.

We brought her back home last night and I’m waiting to hear more. Her heart at my local vet, originally showed VPC but the heart ultrasound showed everything okay. We are left worried and confused. I’ll try to post more when we learn more.

We’d appreciate prayers. Tyler and Trinty turn 8 next month and we feel pretty blindsided by this. Needless to say I’m going to try to stay home and watch her as much as possible.

Pet holidays for March

March means spring is not too far away and I know most of us at least here in the south are ready for it!  Don’t forget next Sunday is time change. I so wish we’d do away with changing.

St Patricks day clover (5) (Mobile)

Here are the pet holidays in March just in case you wanted an extra reason to shower love on your babies.

  • March is Poison Prevention Awareness Month
  • March 1-7 National Severe Weather Preparedness
  • March 1-7 Professional Pet Sitters Week
  • March 3 If Pets Had Thumbs Day
  • March 5-8 Crufts. Held in Birmingham, England, this is the world’s largest dog show
  • March 7 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race begins
  • March 15-21 National Poison Prevention Week
  • March 15-21 National Flood Safety Awareness Week
  • March 23 National Puppy Day

Trip to Jerusalem

My mom just got back last week from Jerusalem. She went with our church and one of her friends. They had 5″ of snow! We would like to go someday but in the meantime she brought me back this beautiful cross made from olive wood. She said that the night before they got there that at The Place of the Skull -that the nose is no more. I couldn’t find any info on it other than this. My non-shutterbug mom took 955 photos! I think that’s a record for her. I’m looking forward to seeing them after she culls them down some.

Olive tree cross from Jerusalem (2) (Small)