Worried about my Trinity

P1140412-e (Custom)Out of the blue Trinity howled and passed out limp Monday around 5pm. We’ve made 3 trips to a clinic an hour from here and don’t know much. I was sitting beside her when it happened and I thought she had died. She was completely limp and out for several minutes.

We brought her back home last night and I’m waiting to hear more. Her heart at my local vet, originally showed VPC but the heart ultrasound showed everything okay. We are left worried and confused. I’ll try to post more when we learn more.

We’d appreciate prayers. Tyler and Trinty turn 8 next month and we feel pretty blindsided by this. Needless to say I’m going to try to stay home and watch her as much as possible.

2 thoughts on “Worried about my Trinity

  1. KiM Post author

    I still have more questions than answers and I’m still waiting on the test results Greenville said we’d have Wednesday. At this point the $1200 worth of test shed no light on what happened. I am at the hard point of deciding what to do from here, which more test to have done and what we could do depending on their results. On one hand I have no idea if this has happened before when I didn’t see or that it may never happen again and on the other hand the sound she made rings thru my head and I am having a hard time not watching her in case she throws a clot and is in pain. I know we outlive our pets usually but she’s not yet 8 and the thought of sudden death is hard to process, but not as hard as her suffering. On the realistic side there is no point doing some test where what needs to happen afterward is more than we can afford and we can’t take heroic measures. I just don’t want her to suffer. As of right now we really have no diagnosis. My awesome cousin/vet called and gave me some advice but without seeing the test results there is not much more she can do. So when I get those and talk to my local vet we’ll have to make some decisions. It means so much to me that you all care. Most of you know my cats are my kids and are more than pets. I am so grateful to work from home.



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