Book Cover examples needed

I’m working on a book cover presentation and I’m trying to find examples of:

1) Books that after seeing the cover you still have no idea what it’s about
2) Overcrowded covers that tried to show every part of the story
3) Too many typefaces and colors
or just any that really stood out to you for some reason.
Thanks for the help

4 thoughts on “Book Cover examples needed

  1. Bill Ramsey

    Kimberly, Here are a couple of thoughts. You could have some very affordable (or even free loan from Friends of the Library) paperbacks that workshop participants could put their hands and eyes on. Allow them a few minutes to critique the cover and even the choice of title. Then add your comments. Probably much better than them looking at a screen while you tell them what is wrong with a cover you are showing. You could do some of that too, however.

    Hope you will deal with back covers, too. What should the content on the back be? Book synopsis or comments from reviewers or author bio/ comments? This is going to be fun and I will be in the front row with notebook and pen.

    Sadly, I do not have a cache of cover PDFs.



    1. KiM Post author

      I plan to discuss the entire cover and have spent countless hours finding and working up a powerpoint presentation, as it lets me show more examples that way. When I finish that I’ll see about running to the library too. Hope you’ll be happy with what I’ve been working on for my part. I didn’t really expect anyone to have cache of cover PDFs but I thought if a few people linked to a cover it would help me find the few examples that I haven’t covered yet in my presentation. So all this time wasn’t only spent on one presentation, I plan to add the video to my website afterward.



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