Moonfixer by CC Tillery cover redesigned

My most recent cover design was a redesign of the second book in the internationally bestselling Appalachian Journey series by CC. Tillery.

Not only did I enjoy designing the cover, I enjoy the series too!

Moonfixer by CC Tillery – 2nd book in the bestselling Appalachian journey series

4 thoughts on “Moonfixer by CC Tillery cover redesigned

  1. Bill Ramsey

    This cover draws one in. It almost looks 3D. Seeing this cover assures that people will want to read the back cover and the intro – at least. Your talent is considerable.


    1. KiM Post author

      Thanks Bill, I like depth in covers too. The covers I’ve done for CC Tillery are just the icing on the cake. I hope the new covers help attract the interest of new readers for them, but if their books were not well-written, they wouldn’t have all the great reviews or sales. Their Appalachian Journey series is an international best selling series and I’m thankful to have a part in working with both authors. They give me a lot of free reign on the designs and it makes me want to pour my effort into the photography and the design.



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