TnT update

We still haven’t heard back yet on the results of the Toxoplasmosis titres IGG & IGM or the cryptococcus antigen test from Monday.

Trinity hasn’t had a seizure that we’ve seen since Sunday morning unless she’s had one at night or the 2 hours I’ve been out of the house in the last week. She’s really dopey on the phenobarbital but I’ve been told as she gets used to over the next few weeks, she should be less wobbly and sleepy. It only takes about 30 minutes for each dose to hit and she is pretty loopy for at least 2 hours then just sleepy. During those 2 hours each day, I really watch her to make sure she doesn’t fall and have padded the floor under most everywhere she likes to lay. Her eye looks better already since I went back to grain free food on Monday. Both of my cats go a long time in between using the litter box – like way longer than I’d like but that hasn’t changed much. She is still biting at the bottoms of her feet though. Still praying it’s the blood problem we can treat and not just treat the symptoms the rest of her life. I still don’t know if this shortens her life but I guess that depends on if the meds keep the seizures at bay and what is the cause of them.

Tyler is still being a bully. I took egg crates and put them on their side wedged between the wall and entertainment center to try to give him his own scratcher and I’ve entered a photo to try to win the jumbo PetFusion that we hope they would share. They are so jealous of each other. I think Tyler would even like a pill because she’s getting something ‘special’ that he’s not getting.TnT TnT TnT

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