Daily Archives: April 9, 2015

not crypto, not toxo

Today is one month since Trinity’s first seizure (that we saw) and we received not good news today. The vet just called and she doesn’t have crypto or toxoplasmosis. So, we’re left with treating idiopathic (we don’t know) seizures and treating with drugs that I hope eventually will not make her dopey but still keep the seizures at bay.

It was recommended after she was on the phenobarb for a month (4/21/15) to reduce her down and see if she was still having seizures, that it could’ve been from brain swelling but the fact that she had the 1st one and didn’t have the 2nd until almost 2 weeks later then 2 days after that till the 3rd. I’m guessing it’s not from brain swelling- plus it’s not likely she injured her brain. I’m going to ask what they think about switching to one of the other 2 anti-seizure meds and tapering off phenobarb since they are supposed to be less sedating and her liver and amount of those drugs don’t have to be tested like phenobarb. I’m not even sure about taking her off it to observe because then we’d have to go back thru the extremely dopey as she started back on it. There seems to be no reason for a just tired day over a completely conked out day. She’s just not been herself since she’s been on it but maybe for a few hours in 2 weeks and we’re down to 1/4 of a pill.

I’m sad, upset, and discouraged that it is not something that we can treat the cause. I’ve read about cats who have lived for years on anti-seizure meds but I guess it all depends on what is causing them. We don’t want to just extend the quantity of her life if the quality is too diminished.