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Cat grandmas are awesome ~

Today was Skeamer’s birthday- she would’ve been 25 today.

With Trinity’s recent health problems the thought that we often outlive our pets has really been weighing on my mind. It’s so hard watching them go through health issues and at some point, having to say goodbye. They sure bring a lot of good times and happy memories too. I am comforted knowing we gave good loving homes to our babies.

Speaking of Trinity. It took her a little over the two weeks before we really started seeing some of our old gal back, but the phenobarb is no longer knocking her out for the entire day. Well most days. We still don’t really see a pattern as to how she’ll be each day. I still think I’d like to move her over to one of the other anti-seizure meds that the amount in her system, nor her kidney levels need to be tested. It’d be great if it was a once a day pilling instead of 2x too I’d also like it if she was still never dopey and we could un-pad areas all over our house. I’m still not sure about taking her off to observe her but I’ll let the medical professionals weigh in on that.

I had to go back to her c/d (with grain) that I really didn’t want to do. In reading more I read that there has been some issues with Wellness and struvite crystals and that’s the grain free I happened to narrow down to. I just learned it’s also better not to feed fish- and the Wellness we feed is Turkey and salmon.

I am going to look into other grain free, no fish, low in phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and starch that are high in protein. I’m also going to ask about adding an acidifier to the grain free food since I can’t find a Rx diet that I like the ingredients. I’ll have to make sure it’s okay with her potassium, but the c/d has citric acid so I’m assuming there is no issue. As soon as I put her back on c/d she started over licking and biting at her feet again and her eye looked worse in just one day.

I still don’t know if eating grain for the first time in her life could cause the seizures like I read about, but I don’t like the ingredients so in addition to the new water fountain and possible adding DL- Methionine, glucosamine and chondroitin.

If nothing else I’ve sure learned a lot with all this. On another happy note my mom, knowing that the medical bills were starting to roll in offered to help us out financially. I wouldn’t take a check- so she got Trinity that new larger Petfusion cat scratcher lounge I wanted to get them for their birthday this month in hopes to reduce her stress of Tyler running her off the one we had. He can’t be in two places at one time. It’s a hit. Cat grandmas are awesome!

new scratcher. 72dpi

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