Wacom – or not?

I started looking into a graphic’s tablet and started w. the only name I’d heard – Wacom. It seems like from what I’m reading that unless you now buy the Intuos pen and touch line you don’t get what the older Bamboo line came with. They talk about lack of erasers and touch on the new Bamboos. On the website the Bamboo pad looks more like an old imouse pad I had. I thought I liked the idea of wireless especially so I could sit back and not draw like I sit at the desk but people talked about cord fails from the movement or lag from the wireless that cost extra until you get to the higher priced models.

I started looking on ebay. Then read about Monoprice tablets and some guy named Frenden and how much more you get for your money. I could just put all this looking away until Black Friday too. I haven’t looked at all these yet Huion, Monoprice, Turcom, and Ugee

Have any of you tried other graphic tablets in comparison to the big Wacom. I’d appreciate any thoughts.

In an older 2013 post I read you had to install wacom drivers to use other tablets in PS, but I’m guessing all that changes too. I’ve pretty much out ruled a new Bamboo. I’ll either get an older Bamboo, Intuos or a different company. I do need it to work with PS CS5 though.

2 thoughts on “Wacom – or not?

  1. KiM Post author

    Well I just hit order for a Wacom CTH680 after looking and researching about 70 or so choices. It came down thinking I’d really use the touch screen and with $30 Staples coupon and Staples being local and in ebates my choice was made. My laptop is touch screen and I now find myself trying to touch my hubby’s laptop screen that is not win 8.1. I felt I’d miss it on a drawing tablet. The Ugee EX07 would have been my choice except for that, but with the coupon and the fact that Staples is local and Wacom is a leader in drawing tablets I went with them.

    This was a ‘reward’ to myself for a public speaking presentation on book cover design. Speaking to a group of people is far outside my comfort zone. I’m sure I’ll love it. Hey, and at the least you all have a huge spreadsheet to compare tablets if you were thinking of getting one. (See comment above)

    Here’s a link to ebates if you like cash back on stuff you’re buying. I’ve used it for years… nothing like free money.



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