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Sounds triggering seizures in cats

I heard about this yesterday on my Yahoo feline seizure group and meant to respond. I forgot about it with the dosing changes until a friend shared it with me today.

I had never thought of sound as a trigger. My two don’t like tin foil being torn from the box either and Tyler (the one w.o seizures) will gag at sounds- well he gags at smells and bugs too.

They have both been scared of all sounds their whole life. Including everyday sounds like the ice maker dropping ice or refilling, cell phones, music, humming, door knocks, door bells, and vacuums. Pretty much every normal sound.

When Trinity had her 3 seizures though it was actually quiet. Two were by me at the computer while she was napping. I keep my sound off or low on the computer and my cell is often on vibrate instead of ringing especially now because I don’t want her startled. The third seizure was in the LR on her scratcher while my hubby and I were talking and she had just stretched.

I have migraines and I know I’m more sensitive to sound than most people are. In fact I’ve had tinnitus (and it’s really annoying) for a several months but unless it’s from church where the sound actually hurts my ears, ¬†I’m never around loud sounds at home because my cats don’t like it.

I wonder if some day they’ll find out that grains in their food can do it to some cats who have problems with that too.

My dad was always researching and way ahead of his time on discovering things. So many of the things he thought are now accepted as common knowledge. We’ll blame my need to research stuff to the extreme on him ūüôā

I’ve noticed today that Trinity is back holding her left foot up quite a bit. She’s done it all her life, but she did that more than normal a few days before her first seizure also.


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