Some of what I’ve learned about cats and UTIs.

I mentioned that I joined two Yahoo groups recently for problems with Trinity. A FLUTD group and a seizure group. I just learned if your cat is having UTI’s that are not clearing up to ask for urinalysis with aerobic & anaerobic culture. I’ve never heard of this. Apparently, it’s uncommon but that could be because it’s not tested for? I know of several female cats with more urinary issues than male cats but have always heard that not only are urinary issues in males more of a medical emergency that it was more common in males.

For Trinity’s we had to go back on c/d food at least for now but I’ve added chondroitin glucosamine and corn silk. As soon as that water fountain (review a few post back) comes out in something other than plastic we’ll get another one of those.

She’s been completely off phenobarb now for a week and praise the Lord we have not seen a seizure. Last one we saw was her third back the end of March. Now I just need to work on not being a helicopter mom.


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