ZiwiPeak sent samples to aid in our new pet food search.

I’ve never had a company respond to a request for samples before!

Ziwi samples (2)-sm

I wrote Ziwipeak and asked for meat only canned samples for Tyler and Trinity to try. I couldn’t find them local and I didn’t want to buy a case before knowing if they would eat it. A package arrived timely and wrapped nicely with lots of info and even some of their ‘air dried’ food.

Ziwi samples (1)-sm

I received two moist can flavors Ziwipeak Rabbit and Lamb, and Ziwipeak Beef. I haven’t fed the beef yet but they loved the Rabbit and Lamb and it was the pate’ they like. They also make a venison and a lamb formula.

They sent ZiwiPeak air-dried venison and fish (they have 3 other non-fish flavors but sent me 3 of this one with fish. I am trying to avoid fish with Trinity so I gave the air dried samples to a friend.  I’m not against feeding air-dried at nighttime, but I’d prefer to feed meat only for urine pH.

We still have the beef canned flavor to try, and I’d like to get the other 3 meat only cans.

Here is our search so far into a new canned food they can both eat at night when Tyler needs food to be nice to his sister and I can’t feed them separate.

Trinity is still having urinary issues and peeing over the edge of the box. She really doesn’t like the c/d or s/d canned. As much as I don’t want to feed her dry I’m going today to pick up a new bag of s/d before she has crystals that get so big they can’t be dissolved with food. Me wanting her to eat canned only is just not doing it because she’s not eating enough to acidify her urine when I feed them their separate foods in the morning.

thank you ZiwiPeak

#struvitecyrstals #petfood #ziwipeak


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