Want to vote on my back cover?

I am working on the cover design for the paperback version of You Had Me at Meow.

Which back to you like best?

A= cat shape
B= line drawing
C= kitten sketch

Other than the graphic, all text and content is the same.

Meow back choices (Medium)

5 thoughts on “Want to vote on my back cover?

  1. Bill Ramsey

    Kim, B is my fav as it allows the reader to fill in all the features in their minds regarding the adoptee they really seek.

    I never told you this before. We have had cats but I have never been a cat person. Happy 4th, Bill


  2. KiM Post author

    I love lots of kinds of animals but cats are at the top, the dogs and horses take 2nd in a tie. Thanks for the vote.


  3. KiM Post author

    “paws down”- love it Joe.
    Before I put this question up there I had already uploaded my fav which was C.
    I guess it’s just us two who liked that one the best.
    I got 1 vote for A and the most for B. Since I wanted Skeamer as a kitten on the back because I used her as an adult cat on the front I’m making an option D which is kitten Skeamer but more line drawn. Sure wish I had my drawing tablet already though. Drawing with a mouse is slow going.

    CS threw my interior back because of page numbering. It’s right for what it shows but they don’t like it. Indesign book feature looks right in Indesign but when I export to pdf for CS it is not keeping my odd number chapter starts on the recto. Ya know this is really what I wanted to spend all day on ūüė¶



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