Bravo Recalls Select Chicken Pet Foods

Bravo Recalls Select Chicken Pet Foods Because of Possible Salmonella Health Risk


4 thoughts on “Bravo Recalls Select Chicken Pet Foods

  1. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    So often I think to myself, “Just what the heck is in this can of cat food?” I think we generally get a clue from the reaction we receive when we serve it to our cats. If they turn up their noses, it’s probably for good reason. I’m betting there were lots of turned-up noses at this stinker!
    Thanks for the warning. Meeeeeow!

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    1. KiM Post author

      I’m amazed at how many recalls there are. It is important for the food givers probably more than the cats to always wash their hands afer handling cat food because humans would be affected easier. Actually cats likely cared less when eating it- that is if they liked that flavor that day. If you have picky eaters you know what I’m saying. I mean they would eat mice, and they lick themselves clean after the bathroom. Most cats digestive system could handle salmonella unless they are older, young or with a compromised immune system. My Trinity gets stomach/bowel issues way less than her brother. I swear Tyler has IBS. I read the labels on my cats’ food more than I read the ingredients on what I eat. In fact I have an entire spreadsheet going right now as I’m trying to switch to a new grain free that’s better for Trinity’s urinary issues. Feeding and litter box cleaning time, are two of the times I’m glad I’ve lost my sense of smell ~



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