You Had Me at Meow…Now in Print

I have been working on book covers for other authors so it took me a tad longer to proof, make changes and release my new book in a print version but today, two months after the ebook hit the virtual shelves, the paperback is available.

You Had Me at Meow; Considerations before Adopting your Cat on Amazon paperback and ebook You do not need a Kindle to read it. Use free Kindle reading apps to read on your computer, tablet or even your phone.

My Amazon or Barnes and Noble Author Pages

Book Cover Design or CoveredBy.Maxwell.Kim

Facebook  page, post about cat/Ragdoll things, including pet food recalls





I thank you for taking the time to tell others that you think may enjoy the books, social media or website. Kim

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2 thoughts on “You Had Me at Meow…Now in Print

  1. Bill Ramsey

    Kim, Way to go. This book should do well if you can figure out the niche marketing.

    Incidentally, I had not ask you for a revised cover for the Angela book and have no interest in considering one just now. Thank you. Bill

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  2. KiM Post author

    Thank you Bill. At the top of that email I wrote that I knew you hadn’t asked for a revised cover. I just wanted to share what I had in my mind in case you two ever do want a redesign.

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