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In our home every day is cat day… but we wanted to wish you all a happy National Cat Day too. Let me know if you spot the ‘third cat’.



I also like to mention two additional things.

One my new paperback or eBook   You Had Me at Meow; Considerations before Adopting your Cat. is a quick read if you or someone you know is thinking about getting a cat or kitten. There are things to consider about where to get your new feline from, things to get and pet proofing your home tips. 

and two, last night I was on a road where a dog got hit, not once but twice. I wish everyone keep their pets in the yard or house and got them all altered but I’m starting to think that is a pipe dream. It also occurred to me that people can call 911 for car wrecks and how great it would be for to be able to call a pet ambulance too. If the business couldn’t find the owners and couldn’t treat the animal at least they could administer pain meds or something instead of the confusion of people not knowing whether to get out of the car, try to get the injured animal off the road or what to do- simply car after car driving over it can’t be the answer. I don’t think most people know what to do. It was dusk and we’ve had local people killed when they were struck getting out of the car to help an animal but there has got to be a better way.

WHY is my cell phone bill so high?!

I debated about posting this but if it may save someone else from having a day like I had on Monday.

I am writing this as much for my memory as anything but wanted to share. It shouldn’t take 5 hours and multiple trips to save $10 a month on your Verizon bill.

Things I learned on Monday:

Best Buy no longer sells any flip-phones.

If your almost year old phone starts acting up take it to Verizon before the 1 year warranty is up.

If Verizon offers a new plan look into it when it comes out because staying with what you have could be costing you.

Getting a new phone for cheap every 2 years cost you in the long run because that is what keeps you in a contract. For me to cancel a month early I would’ve been charged $130 and hubby for canceling 10 months early would’ve been charged $110 so we changed our plan but stayed until our contract is up.

They no longer have contract plans or the new every two offer.

They also no longer charge the $35 dollar activation fee is you buy a phone at retail. I imagine if you knew how to buy a new phone that wasn’t marked as prepaid/pay-as-you-go phone you could buy one on eBay or somewhere, but I even the folks at Walmart didn’t know how to know if Verizon would activate it.

If you buy a phone at retail, cheapest flip phone from Verizon being $50 and it doesn’t even have a mini-sd slot but you are not extending a contract.

A $13 flip phone from Walmart will not work at Verizon regardless of what the people at Walmart tell you.

If you’re out of contract and can switch to a Walmart plan if you switch before canceling w. Verizon you can keep your same phone number. There is an extra charge to do this but you get a discount on your first months bill so it’s really alone around $15 to keep your same number. They also have some new keep your same phone offer.

With Verizon my “small plan” has a line access charge of $60, add 1GB data for  $30, and 2 phones is with unlimited text/talk is $90 before taxes. If you add it up online I wasn’t seeing the line access, and instead saw $30 for 1GB and $20 each for 2phones should be $70 before taxes. I chated today and found out the $40 line fee for my phone will drop to $20 when the contract is up, and $20 is the least they charge so after that drop it will be what their plan online shows.

For now, instead of saving $45 a month like it looked like I’d save online, I save $10 a month and my data got cut in half but we now have unlimited talk & text, but after my line is no longer in contract it will be a $45 a month savings for what we’ve been paying- as long as I don’t go over my new lower, 1GB data.

From Walmart once we’re out of contract and can switch without penalty charges it would be $35 a month for one line w. unlimited talk and text and $45 a month for unlimited talk and text (I forget how much data) for my smart phone. They do have it now where you can bring your own phone for the fee of something around $15 when all is said and done (after charge the 1st month free) and their flip phone is only  $13. So after I’m out of contact Verizon is a little cheaper, well not counting all their fees and taxes. Walmart did have a $30 talk and text unlimited but it really wasn’t unlimited and Verizon to Verizon calls do count in your minutes on that one.

So after a trip to Walmart to find out if we could keep our numbers, a trip to Verizon with a 40 min wait to find out we couldn’t cancel w.o $240 of cancellation charges, a trip back to Walmart to buy the $13 phone and pick up hubby’s old phone for transferring stuff, a trip back to Verizon to find out they couldn’t use the $13 phone, a trip home to grab an old flip phone I had, a trip back to Verizon to find out it didn’t have back-up assistant and the contacts didn’t transfer right, then , still at Verizon to buy the plain LG flip phone lacking a mini-sd card slot for $50, and a trip back to Walmart to return the unusable $13 phone that after waiting behind eight people, I’m told you have to return phones back in phones, I finally got home after 5 long annoying hours.

All this done on the first pretty day we’ve had in 2 weeks. We used Verizon since at least Feb 2006 – my quicken file doesn’t go back any farther than that. I’d hate to total up what we’ve spent just to talk- I don’t even like talking on the phone.

My grandma always used to say things came in threes. I’m hoping my camera ordeal and the non-paying eBayer was one, our 5 year old expensive LG flat screen quitting was two, and the one year old Samsung flip phone that quit ringing and didn’t even show missed calls was three -and we’re good to go for awhile.

I did mention to Monica on Verizon chat that their simple pick a size plan isn’t all that simple when the numbers don’t add up and that no where in FAQ could I find where that line access fee was coming from.

Is it five-o-clock somewhere yet?

Oh on the bright side- I wanted the glass out of the  LG TV that quit.  It didn’t have glass per say but for photographers- if your 5 year old LG TV bites the dust, ours had some neat translucent film that is good a diffuser and a nice glossy black plastic for reflective shots. Kind of the expensive way to get it with what 55″ flat screens cost 5 years ago for it to last such a short time but at least the new ones cost way less than they did. We went with Vizio this time around.

Never underestimate the power of fear.

I may have to go today and find a doctor or go to a clinic for an x-ray.

My mom and I took a walk yesterday (in I think it’s called the sun) and when we saw a snake (headed off the trail) she panicked and wrenched my right hand, among I think,  hitting my elbow backwards and screaming in my ear. My mom weighs nothing and isn’t known for her physical strength. I wouldn’t think she could do real damage but it hurts worse today than yesterday. I kinda need it and I can’t even pick up my coffee. Thankfully typing and computer use isn’t terrible. I’ll try Arinca gel, ibuprofen and ice for a bit because I just about it can be too bad and we don’t have a doctor and biggest reason is there may be a needle involved.. which is my biggest fear.

This isn’t the first time she’s panicked on our walks over a snake (or bats). The last time she made me go first after seeing one. Guess that motherly instinct to protect your child doesn’t apply if there is a snake involved. I can kind of relate as I don’t recognize myself and what might come out of my mouth if a needle is coming toward me.

Also point to note. Both public places when she let out her blood curdling screams… no one came to see who just got slaughtered.

I wish I had known we might have sun yesterday, because I want to go leaf looking with my hubby and I had we chosen that my fingers would still work.