Never underestimate the power of fear.

I may have to go today and find a doctor or go to a clinic for an x-ray.

My mom and I took a walk yesterday (in I think it’s called the sun) and when we saw a snake (headed off the trail) she panicked and wrenched my right hand, among I think,  hitting my elbow backwards and screaming in my ear. My mom weighs nothing and isn’t known for her physical strength. I wouldn’t think she could do real damage but it hurts worse today than yesterday. I kinda need it and I can’t even pick up my coffee. Thankfully typing and computer use isn’t terrible. I’ll try Arinca gel, ibuprofen and ice for a bit because I just about it can be too bad and we don’t have a doctor and biggest reason is there may be a needle involved.. which is my biggest fear.

This isn’t the first time she’s panicked on our walks over a snake (or bats). The last time she made me go first after seeing one. Guess that motherly instinct to protect your child doesn’t apply if there is a snake involved. I can kind of relate as I don’t recognize myself and what might come out of my mouth if a needle is coming toward me.

Also point to note. Both public places when she let out her blood curdling screams… no one came to see who just got slaughtered.

I wish I had known we might have sun yesterday, because I want to go leaf looking with my hubby and I had we chosen that my fingers would still work.



One thought on “Never underestimate the power of fear.

  1. Carol

    Hi Kimberly, I do hope your hand is on the mend. I enjoyed your narration of the “Power of Fear”. Hope to see you at the Writers Guild meeting tomorrow! cap



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