WWPW15 Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk 2015

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Caroline, Savannah, Dave, Debbie, Rich and Chris I’m glad you all were able to make it safely and the rain was less than predicted. I know some of you came from hours away and seemed to make the best of it when plans changed due to the weather. It was nice to meet you all. A big hats off to Stephen at Sierra Nevada for going the extra mile with our group today! It was appreciated.


Our LOCAL Flickr group will be athttps://www.flickr.com/groups/wwpw2015hvillenc/




Plans have changed due to the weather from the hurricane. See http://kelbyone.com/photowalk/walk/hendersonville-nc-united-states-undetermined/

I am thrilled to be leading a walk again and I have a list of ideas for this years walk.

Burntshirt Vineyard

Burntshirt Vineyard

Justus Orchard

Justus Orchard


It’s a Burntshirt Vineyards and Justus Orchard combo!

9:00 am group photo at Burntshirt Vineyards- then you are free to shoot, tour the grounds, including the vineyard across the street from where you’ll be parking, and go into the barrel room.

9:45 we caravan 10-15 min over to Justus orchard (see below and written directions) http://mapq.st/1NU7Jaj There is an Ingles between the two at 3643 Howard Gap Rd for those of you who want to carpool. 

10:05 group photo at Justus Orchard – then you are free to shoot, tour the store, the orchard with apples and blackberries, a pond and a few animals.

11:20 photowalk ends and we can meet under roof near the store for BBQ and visiting. Yes, I know it says 11:15 up top. I couldn’t type in 11:20 but I don’t want the driving time to come out of the photowalk time.

Plan B for a serious rain storm is a walk about at Sierra Nevada not with a tour because they couldn’t book an unknown number of people and the tours will have been long since filled up. http://www.sierranevada.com/
Those of you with bee allergies… both of these places are outside and have fruit- there will be bees.
Both places have asked that you share your pics with them. No, you don’t have to and yes, they can have a watermark but since they’re working with us and have put up with my questions and planning it’d be nice. The restroom may not be open that early at the Vineyard because we’re there before they typically open but Justus does have a restroom. Both places have plenty of parking.
Burntshirt Vineyards http://www.burntshirtvineyards.com/
They will arrange for wine purchases for those interested.
The barrel room is pretty chilly. You may want to save this for last so if your camera frost up it can de-fog on the way to Justus. You may also want a jacket.

Justus Orchard http://www.justusorchard.com/
Orchard rules: You pick, you buy. No climbing or throwing. Wear closed toed shoes.
BBQ available for purchase first come first serve. There is a place under roof for us to sit, visit and eat. There is also a store for purchasing fruit, cider and some really good apple doughnuts. I know some of you have a Hendersonville Camera Club picnic that same day.
Remember you can be as involved at you want to be. You can share your pics on Flickr with the group, (will set up page soon) you can enter one for the contest or you can just walk and shoot. I’d love to have you. Here’s the list of frequently asked questions. http://kelbyone.com/photowalk/faq/ and the schedule http://kelbyone.com/photowalk/faq/
To view your map, click on the link below or copy and paste it to your browser: http://mapq.st/1NU7Jaj

From: B u r n t s h i r t V i n e y a r d s , 2 6 9 5 S u g a r l o a f R d , H e n d e r s o n v i l l e , N C 2 8 7 9 2 U S
To: J u s t u s O r c h a r d , 2 7 5 G a r r e n R d , H e n d e r s o n v i l l e , N C 2 8 7 9 2 U S

#WWPW15 #HvilleWWPW15

sm sierra Nevada

Farm City Day is at Jackson again, and Art on Main but I was thinking about something new. I’ll be calling and checking on sites this week verifying it’s free, has parking and is accessible for all age groups of people and going by to see if there is 2 hours worth of stuff to shoot.

If it happened to have somewhere for us to chat and compare shots or eat afterward that’d be great too. I can say it won’t be mid- day unless it’s inside.

If you’d like to pop in with a comment that would be helpful. I’ll decide by Sept 1st- here is what I’m looking at:

  • Highland lake (buildings, a few animals, lake, restaurant)
  • Justus Orchard (orchard with apples and berries, store, pond, a few animals and other people, BBQ)
  • Dupont (probably Hooker Falls, Triple Falls) Is everyone comfortable with that kind of hike/walk?
  • Historic Johnson Farm (building, walking paths, not sure about the fee and how much to do when there isn’t a festival there)
  • Arboretum (would have to get them to waive their $12/car fee) has cafeteria
  • Burntshirt Vineyards and Justus Orchard combo. Not sure how you feel about using part of our 2 hr shoot time driving from one to the other?
  • Sierra Nevada Brewery couldn’t accommodate us on the day and group, but they’re my rain, back up plan B – just w.o a tour.



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