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The making of the covers for the Appalachian Journey series by CC Tillery [part 3]

The third book cover I designed for the sister-duo, CC Tillery was actually a redesign of their first book in the Appalachian Journey series, Whistling Woman.

Whistling Woman 96dpi 1563 x 2500  RGB for KDP

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Merry Christmas from the Maxwells


Twas a few days before Christmas, when I brought my laptop into the living room and turned on the sparsely decorated newly erected tree, to start my letter. Sleigh bells are ringing – hey wait it’s unseasonable warm and rainy, and the ringing is just my tinnitus.  The cats, well yes, they can be counted on for a long any-season nap.

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My Cardinal Rule photo made the cover!

My cardinal photo made the cover of WNC magazine!

My Cardinal Rule made WNC Magazine’s cover!

I didn’t win the judged contest but sure enough my photo was right there on the cover and they sent me a few copies. It was such a happy surprise when hubby got the mail and called out that it was on the cover.  It’s a nice magazine to check out too. I’d have to say I’m kind of partial to them. 🙂

If you’d like to help me win people’s choice, you can vote once per day thru January at

Shot last February with my FZ-200 that is also the one I shot the winning elk photo for Our State contest with too.

WNC cover Jan 2016 subscribe


New Domain, New items being added daily

We are moving and downsizing in 2016 if the surveyor we hired 2 months ago ever finishes.

Look for lots more to be listed, including larger items. Also now because of the move I am entertaining offers when buying multiple items or large items.

I changed my website domain from because I got tired of having to tell everyone there was 2 s’s in my last one.

My new site is

What all cat’s don’t sit like this?

Every night is family cuddle time and by that I mean my two cats take turns giving dirty looks to whichever one has my coveted lap. Now in the mornings both cats want in my hubby’s lap.

So, I have my feet propped up on the coffee table and Tyler is laying belly up with his back to my chest when he stretches out, looks at me and cross his back legs stuck out there past my own legs (under the red blanket). I grabbed my phone to get a picture before he moved but ended up being no rush as he just kept laying there.

Don’t worry Trinity got her cuddle time too. My cats make me smile every day.

Tyler streched out sm