She won’t make it

my parents were told, but they prayed and prayed. 45 years ago a baby born at 28 weeks had even less of a chance for survival than they do today.

I know several people who have suffered miscarriages. I know of people who were told the pregnancy wasn’t viable, one of those had another ultrasound done right before by a Christian doctor and low and behold the first doctor was wrong and they now have a son.

My mom has the rarest blood type AND with rH negative factor. She was so happy to be pregnant only to be told to expect the worst when I came into the world 12 weeks early.

I have never wanted children. Even as a child I didn’t dream of being a mom, but I feel for those who so desperately want that and can’t. I admire all those called and willing to adopt.

As you may know, I’m into photography. I saw this post  Then I emailed my mom to ask her at how many weeks I was born. Then I looked this up and was shocked at how crucial the last of the pregnancy is.

Well, I’ll add my photo of me today, holding my baby pics with my lungs still stuck together weighing less than 3 lbs.

Preemie KHM

Kimberly H Maxwell then and now

I think I’m pretty normal, and all effects of being a preemie have been outgrown. You that know me, may disagree 🙂 I was probably the last kid to finally get hair and it’s still pretty darn thin but hey, I’m here living my life and I’m grateful for the prayers and for God’s mighty hand in letting me see each new day.

Maybe that’s why I like Autumn so much— October was supposed to be my birthday instead of August.


6 thoughts on “She won’t make it

  1. Rieley

    ~Kim, honey… You are amazing!! Glad we managed to find each other again via Facebook. I remember your childhood friendship at a time when a girl really needs real friends. Glad you are still around, talented as ever =)


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