The making of the covers for the Appalachian Journey series by CC Tillery [part 3]

The third book cover I designed for the sister-duo, CC Tillery was actually a redesign of their first book in the Appalachian Journey series, Whistling Woman.

Whistling Woman 96dpi 1563 x 2500  RGB for KDP

This one intimidated me a little for a few reasons.

One and the biggest reason was,  it was not just a best-seller, it was an international best-seller.

Problem was the cover didn’t keep with the series theme we’d used on the last two books written after this one. It also didn’t have the series logo or the publisher imprint that I’d already designed and used on the others. This is my style sheet which includes the original cover, and I had a page of notes of herbs or things mentioned in the book.

WhW idea sheet


I had clear instructions to leave Ms. Cordy and her chicken on the cover so I started with that.Whistling Woman 234 CMYK 16bit (Small)I chose red and brown as the color theme and as typical, the authors Cyndi and Christy are great at letting me run with an idea. I added the old photo of Bessie with her parents and cedar because they’re all in the story.

Whistling Woman 234 96dpi

Now on this one I originally had a a remake of Bessie as a baby on the back where we’d been using their dads, John Tillery’s paintings. The photo was nixed for staying with their dad’s apple painting.

Whistling Woman full flat TN 96dpi

I tweaked the front cover some, and on the back I had to remove some of the painting, so the back text would fit. I also added the best-seller sticker to show off what an accomplishment fine writing can achieve.

Any of you who’ve tried your hand at writing, know just how hard it is to write, edit, rewrite a few dozen times, get the book out, get it in front of people, have them purchase it, and to get readers to leave an Amazon review. Yet these two had over 1000 great reviews and Amazon even picked it up, and had it translated in not one, but two languages. Now that’s success!

The books are about Bessie’s life, well ya know what, just go read them – they’re an easy read with a glimpse back to the past that left me wanting for the old days.

Whistling Woman design included, a full flat for print, front covers for an ebook and square format for an audiobook. The front cover was a custom shoot and I used the same photo for the back cover background. I took the photo of John Tillery’s apple painting and made the best seller sticker. I had the publisher imprint logo, and series brand mark logo from designing the previous two in the series. I remade the social media banner for Facebook.

It’s taken me a while to sit down and write this post, so long in fact, they have just released the fourth and last book in the series Wise Woman. I’ll do a post on that one at some point but with tax time and us building again it may be awhile. I will say the Wise Woman cover was the most fun!

Check out the Appalachian Journey series by CC Tillery.

If you are interested in having a cover designed or image for your book, visit for more info.




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