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Snow… what snow?

My two could really care less that we’re getting all this snow in Western NC. Guess as long as we still have power and it’s 70 inside why would they. Well I take that back Trinity is not happy about all the birds I’m feeding.


Bird & Sky

I found these interesting ~

The next GBBC is February 12-15, 2016


Bird watchers of all ages count birds to create a real-time snapshot of where birds are.



Partial Solar Eclipse of September 2015

Must-See Skywatching Events of 2016


An artist inner child- cats and coloring

I had a bunch of things I should’ve been doing yesterday but I’ve been doing what I should be doing for so long I decided to play hookie from responsibility. It was rainy so I didn’t want to go hike. I just couldn’t work on the computer anymore doing taxes and my mind wasn’t into working on the house plans. I watched TV, colored in my new coloring book and came close to taking a nap. It was wonderful… except now my middle finger that was injured over the summer is hurting again. I’m really starting to wonder if it was fractured. (love you mom and yes, I know you didn’t mean to).

P1220216 (Small)

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Happy NEW Year


(not my image)

Our cats survived the fireworks that the neighbors walked on to our land to set off. Oddly enough they’re more scared of the ice maker, doorbells, cell phones and vacuums than the bombs bursting in air.

I’ve seen several post on social media that 2015 was the year that offended everyone, and that’s just sad, even if it has truth in it.

I am going to make 2016 my year of gratitude. 

I’m not big on new years resolutions but it’d be great if my to-do list didn’t run out of room on my screen. I’d like to continue to read, walk, and take time to enjoy friends, family, photography and the still quite moments. I’d like to read through the entire bible, and all my unread books on the bookshelf, plus discovering new authors too yet most of those things have been on my mind several January 1st before.

On top of typical life things, we are downsizing and building again. So purging stuff is a top priority. I will need to set time aside to do our taxes, keep the clients I have projects done in a timely matter and hopefully come up with some great covers for authors who hire me to put a ‘face’ on their books they’ve worked so hard on.

Tyler and Trinity can expect cuddle time to continue. After Trinity’s health scare last year it puts the time we have together in a new light and drives home the fact that we often outlive our pets. They’ll turn nine this year and I remember going to Georgia to pick them up like it was yesterday.

No, is a word I’ll say more in 2016. You can’t be everything to everyone and sometimes you just need to say no. I have a hard time with that.

Basically it’s a new year, a good time for a renewed start to all those things we wish we did  anyway. I am blessed. I am grateful and I am loved. What more could a gal ask for.

Happy New Year to all of you ~