An artist inner child- cats and coloring

I had a bunch of things I should’ve been doing yesterday but I’ve been doing what I should be doing for so long I decided to play hookie from responsibility. It was rainy so I didn’t want to go hike. I just couldn’t work on the computer anymore doing taxes and my mind wasn’t into working on the house plans. I watched TV, colored in my new coloring book and came close to taking a nap. It was wonderful… except now my middle finger that was injured over the summer is hurting again. I’m really starting to wonder if it was fractured. (love you mom and yes, I know you didn’t mean to).

P1220216 (Small)

I tried my old Crayola colored pencils and even older Crayola crayons. Crayons are just not the right tool for the fine spaces in adult coloring books.

I really enjoyed it but my middle finger is back to aching even if I’m not trying to squeeze or pick something up. Surely there are some that glide easier and don’t cost a lot?

I haven’t tried the set on the far right yet but they’re also something I’ve had from back when I used to draw ages ago and are probably dried up, plus I think they’d bleed thru.

So with adult coloring books…. what do you use to color with?

I wish I had never quit drawing, because I just can’t do it anymore. I’ll say though that playing yesterday had my wheels turning about making my own coloring book- as if we didn’t have enough going on right now.

Interesting~ Hope to someday have time to try some of these.



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