Limited sense

I didn’t realize that I took my senses for granted.

Do you know what our five senses are?
Sight (ophthalmoception), hearing (audioception), taste (gustaoception), smell (olfacoception or olfacception), and touch (tactioception).

Sight. In high school I had glasses for a astigmatism. I got by fine w.o wearing them so I didn’t. Then I’d guess 6 or 7 years ago I couldn’t see signs while driving and needed prescription eye glasses for distance. This last pair was a nightmare because the computer had become an issue too. Since that’s where I do my work I tried to go to progressive line-less glasses. No matter what part of the lens I looked thru the screen was not clear. I went back and ordered a pair for 30″ and then I think the eye doctor realized that I am VERY near sighted and changed the Rx in my progressive lenses. It helped a lot but the change is still to high up on those so I wear  my ‘computer’ near sighted glasses at the computer and still take off my progressive lenses to read. When my thyroid is off it’s all blurry. My sight means so much to me. I love seeing God’s beauty all around me.

Hearing. I’ve always thought things were too loud. In fact I carry ear plugs because sounds that are too loud actually hurt my ears. Since Dec 2014 I’ve had tinnitus in my left ear. Wow that’s annoying. Occasionally my right ear will join in but mostly it is my left ear and it goes from a high pitched constant whine to a ring that matches my heart beat. Every once in a while it will stop but never for a full day. I’ve tried flavonoids, a vitamins and ear drops and a whole lotta prayer.

Taste. Thankfully my taste is not a diminished as my sense of smell but it’s sure be nice to have it back to normal.

Smell. This is the reason for this post.  In May of 2014 I had a terrible cold that probably turned in to more than a cold as it lasted a month. We don’t have a doctor so I didn’t go but I don’t recall ever going to a doctor for a cold anyway. In hindsight this one when it wouldn’t end probably justified a visit. I think the vast majority of people, doctors included abuse and overuse antibiotics. We know people that have antibiotics prescribed them, for viruses and by phone calls when no test is done to see if the problem is bacterial and an antibiotic would even help. This leads to antibiotic resistance but that’s a whole-nother soap box.

Back twenty months ago I lost my sense of smell. It was gone- total anosmia. That comes in handy when you’re digging potatoes and hit a rotten one, or when cleaning up cat vomit. On the flip side of that you can’t tell when you’re cooking if the meat is okay, if that funny colored tomato is good to put in the salad, when something is burning. That fresh cup of coffee brewing, flowers blooming, brownies baking, or a slew of other things you wish you could smell specifically when someone proclaims how good something smells.

After a year I did go see an ENT. On the first appointment he prescribed nose spray. On the follow up he prescribed some more. His expert medical opinion (after waiting an hour in the waiting room) was that after being gone this long, I’d never get my sense of smell back.

I have been praying everyday for my smell to start back and the ringing to stop and I do believe God answers prayers.

Within the last 2 weeks I started taking curcumin. My hubby actually bought it for him for arthritis pain and to hopefully use it over ibuprofen. When he read it has high anti-inflammatory properties in addition to being an anti bacterial I gave it a try. In the past week I am thrilled to say I have smelled a few things every day.

This is big for me, no huge, actually. I’m hoping one day soon for this all to be a distant memory. I plan to not take my sense of smell for granted- even when the it may be an unpleasant smell.

Touch I’m happy to report my sense of touch is the same as it’s always been. All my life I can’t stand the feel of paper after my hands have been wet but that’s just weird and I know it.

So next time you smell something baking, your loved ones perfume or aftershave, fresh cut grass or a flower- remember that it’s a gift. Actually all of our senses are- as is each new day.

happy bee

Bee Happy


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