“I don’t like sports”

If you know me at all, you know I don’t like any of them and even with my constant darn tinnitus they’re hard to tune out to read a book while the crowd is screaming into our living room. I can blame the lack of interest on my dad, who was game for a walk in the woods over sitting for hours watching other people play any game. When I was first married I had visions of blowing the TV out the side of our mobile home into the yard. It was quite the adjustment as the man I married played several sports and would watch any sport, English words or not. I was the opposite. The last one to be picked for a team because I don’t like sports, so I’m awful at them all. [insert flashback of dodge-ball here]

Pretty sure what makes our marriage great is our faith in Jesus, a great respect for the other, a microwave, a king size bed, a dishwasher and two TVs.

The Superbowl to me, means some good commercials and food. [update: I think Doritios had the best commercial last night].   Food that taste great, that my waistline and arteries bawk at. Good thing we don’t do this very often. I think based on how packed the grocery store was today, other’s feel at least the same way about the food.

The cats are deep into their evening nap and I’m typing here instead of getting up to cook.

We have been doing a lot of planing on the house while we not so patiently wait. We’ve built before. I draw thte plans, Hubby makes changes and then we physically build it too. We’re contracted some more out on this one though. We moved 15 big  leyland trees the other day and some trees out from the house site. I was beat and my hand that was injured over the summer was back as bad it was when the accident happened. Since we don’t have a doc anymore and our insurance is now awful I went to the chiro and had an adjustment and he x-rayed it. No broken bones, just soft tissue damage of some sort. He suggested seeing a hand doctor and splinting it until it heals. Like that’s gonna happen.

Called the surveyor on 10/14/15. We got it two months later 12/15/15. This week we received their bill and  that was double what it was last time we used them. The day after we had the printed new survey 12/21/15 we went to get the permits and heard it may take 3 weeks for them to visit the site. 1/7/16 Environmental Health was here to tell us where the well and septic had to go. Note that we’re building in-between where we once lived and now live on the same darn parcel of land, but apparently the dirt in the middle causes quite the conundrum. 1/27/16 six weeks later, they finished looking at the dirt and we got the well and septic permit with a whole lotta clauses and specific notes, including that both the well and septic person have to have the flags pointed out to them by EH before they can do their job.

I’ve been listing items for sale almost daily on my website SellingVille.com and that in itself could be a full time job.  During this time I’ve actually shrunk our new home plan even more so that much more needs to go. Wish I could go back and tell my younger self not to accumulate so much. So if you need anything – really – house, garage, yard, business, fitness, new items for gifts etc… check it out and tell someone.

I think I’ve finally chosen the windows and sizes that meet the ever-growing egress code. I abhor the thought of having windows so large they’re within 7″ of the floor- may as well be a door if that didn’t cause the need for a deck and handrail with less than 4″ between the pickets.

The weather has been- well strange. I never did swap out the summer for winter clothes but it’s either spring-like or so darn cold you don’t want to go out anyway. We STILL have snow in our driveway that even the 4″ of rain we got last week, that caused flooding and waterfalls in places that I’ve never even seen standing water, didn’t wash away. They’re calling for more but it’s not supposed to stick. Good thing as the grading and septic should start this coming week. We’re still on the well guy’s to-do list.

Well other than all the pics I’ve taken for my selling site, here’s a few from the snow. Including the lone tree I like at Carl Sandburgs. I measured 9″ on that Friday and didn’t venture out to measure on Saturday. I heard we got up to 15-16″ in our area.

I probably just wrote this long post and will be the only person not watching the game. Maybe I can go take a nap with the cats, order some new prints for the frames I downsized to, find a middle finger brace that I can still work in, or color in my coloring book ~





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