I’ve got a trackhoe in my office

Future office that is.

I’ll add a new category for the new smaller house so you can skip over it if you’re not interested.  For other cat people- I can assure you lots of thought has gone into changes for my kids with fur too.

2-9-16 (8)-sm-2

We didn’t have many trees but they seem to all be “in” the house area. Hate to lose them but such is life. We’ll plant more later.

My hubby was out in the chilling cold all day but the septic is in. Sure wishing we wouldn’t have lost 2 months of spring weather waiting on the survey, even more now than I did before.

I’ve got the windows narrowed down but went back to work on our taxes yesterday. Since we’re both self-employed it’s not a fun job. I was no help outside yesterday but I did make a huge pot of chili. The well installer has us on the schedule and I go today to talk to Home Depot about cabinets. As soon as that is done I’ll finalize the plan. This will be the fourth house we’ve built together but the first home (for us) we’ve built without our dads to offer valuable advice. Sure gonna miss that. On our first house I look back of some of our um lets call the disagreements and would guess our family wondered if our new marriage could handle building together. Most of the arguments now seem so trivial. Let’s hope we’re a little wiser as we are surely older… and my body knows it. We moved fifteen large 5-10′) leylands from the hedge they were in to the  new property line and everything hurt for 3 days. I did start taping my right hand so I’d quit re-injuring it. It’s a pain and I can’t wear a glove on it now but maybe it will go ahead and heal better than it did the first six months. I’ve ordered 2 braces that I hope I can take off to get my hands wet then put back on easier than tape.

I’m still listing items weekly for sale that include, business supplies, fitness, household, and garage/yard items if you could help spread the word to www.SellingVille.com I’d sure appreciate it. So much to sell and some of it is new items from my closed furniture store. Remember Valentines Day is this weekend ❤


4 thoughts on “I’ve got a trackhoe in my office

  1. authorbillramsey

    No greater hassle in life than moving. Building and moving is worse. These things always cost more than we though they were going to cost. Takes a year to get settled and a routine established in the new home. Pets hate it, too. Maybe this will be your last move?????

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  2. AuthorJoePerroneJr

    My next move will be my 20th, and I don’t look forward to it. Hopefully, when it occurs, it will be the last. Can’t imagine how we’ll deal with it, but not going to worry about it until I have to. Hope everything goes smoothly for you, Kim. 🙂


  3. KiM Post author

    I couldn’t count all my moves before moving to WNC… and no my parents were not in the military (at the time) they just like to uproot me in the middle of school years. I really I don’t know all their reasons but I think a big part of that accounts for why I like to read.

    Now I’m just hoping things go relativity smooth and quick and my finger will hold out until we’re done. Well actually both our bodies are 22 years older than the first build. The end of this week looks like better weather. Thanks for your well wishes.



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