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Couldn’t resist the horses

We’ve been pushing so hard on building our new smaller home that I haven’t picked up my camera for fun in ages. Then the local camera club announced a few months ago it was going to Tryon International Equestrian Center (TIEC). I love horses almost as much as cats and I had to go- I mean it was only half a day and we’ve been in plenty of 12 hour work days.

I developed my photos over the next few Sundays but didn’t want to share until after the camera club showed their slideshow. It’s quite an amazing place!


Now back to photographing items I am listing for sale on  as we get ready to move NEXT MONTH!

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The bombs bursting in air *

The bombs bursting in air night after this year has gotten to my cats (and me).
I think I like the fireworks better when the 4th falls on a Friday or Saturday so they don’t go off for 4 or 5 nights in a row. My cats are scared of our cell phones and the ice maker, but fireworks on the other hand, haven’t been bothered them until now.
I’m guessing if I looked around our yard I’d find remnants of them in our yard from neighbors who don’t think the show the city puts on is big enough and buys illegal fireworks (for our area). Nothing like a neighbor a stones throw away pointing lit rockets away from their own home, that when set off in the neighborhood actually shook the painting on our walls with the bang.July4th-07Babies (4)sm
I’m not sure what the percent of pet owners is but I’m guessing theirs at least some amount of pet owners who have pets scared of fireworks that set them off regardless.
So glad fireworks are not set off for every birthday.
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Happy 240th

and a big thank you to all those who fought for our freedom.