Daily Archives: September 26, 2016

We’re in- but far from done

Whew, we are in the new house.

TnT are still freaked out at sounds but, I think it would’ve been harder had all our furnishing not stayed the same.

We moved in then turned right around to get our other house ready to list. We are still trying to put stuff where it goes, and we have lots of work to do but we can slack off some.

I’ll be glad when our water test comes back so we can quit hauling in water. I’ve already gave up on using the bottles water for coffee so I hope it’s okay. The health department waiting almost 3 weeks after our CO to take the sample. The stove has been ordered from Lowes for about 2 months but we still don’t have it. We also are waiting on an estimate for the floor repair from where they gouged the floor bringing in the washer and dryer.  Cooking on the grill and a griddle really limits your menu. I want to landscape some, plant more on the hedge and get our privacy fence up. I miss our secluded back yard. We haven’t had rain in so long the cracked,  hard-as-concrete ground just is too hard to work with now.  I have garbage bags over the windows for privacy as I not so patiently wait for blind samples to arrive. Jeld-Wen finally replaced the damaged windows in September we told them about in May. We have cleaned out the garage enough to get the openers installed and park our vehicles in the garage. I still have some stuff to sell but not near what we had. It’s still pretty obvious we downsized.