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Finally caught a light trail

The HCC did another photo trip to Craggy Gardens for a sunset shoot. Now the sun and clouds didn’t really put on a show. We did however, get the big full moon and I finally shot a car light trail. That’s been on my wish list to shoot for awhile now. It’s not perfect but hey it was my first time trying it.

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Was New & Contemporary

I’m still trying to find places for items I’d like to keep in our new smaller home, yet I still have lots for sale too if you’re interested see 

My hubby made me this 3 legged table about 20 years ago for a place at the bottom or our stairs. When we moved it worked great near a sliding door. In our new home it just didn’t look right but I wanted to keep it. I thought about faux finishing but decided to try my hand at decoupage. Here’s my process and what I learned.


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Click Click C-Click Click C-C-Click

So I went what seems like forever without taking photos for fun while we worked on the house. I did play hooky when the HCC went to  TEIC.

Since we’ve moved in I’ve been to Morganton for a cover shoot at Brown Mountain and stopped to see Lineville Falls, and we saw Hawksbill (BW pic below) and Table Rock from Wisemans Overlook- although I’m not sure how wise it was on that pothole filled road. I really wanted to get to the bottom of Lineville Falls, partly because I want to see it from the bottom, and in part because I think it’d make a nice cover in the same book series. We were on the wrong side of the water and running out of time so I’ll just have to go back. After hearing the details of how you get to the bottom we were not really dressed in all out hiking gear either.
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Day of Caring

My friend Paula volunteers to shoot for United Way during their Day of Caring event and this year a situation came up where she couldn’t. I prefer to shoot anything except people but I figured any shots, were better than none. So I met Sarah and off we went. What a cool day and nice people.

My church does something similar and if you’ve read my blog, you know I do the Kelby World Wide Photo Walk each year and that benefits an orphanage.

Nice to know people do still care! #UnitedWayDayOfCaring