Was New & Contemporary

I’m still trying to find places for items I’d like to keep in our new smaller home, yet I still have lots for sale too if you’re interested see SellingVille.com 

My hubby made me this 3 legged table about 20 years ago for a place at the bottom or our stairs. When we moved it worked great near a sliding door. In our new home it just didn’t look right but I wanted to keep it. I thought about faux finishing but decided to try my hand at decoupage. Here’s my process and what I learned.


We live in western NC so since my table shape was sort of the same shape I decided on a map and added a compass. I originally played with throwing on a dogwood picture I’d taken since it’s ur state flower but decided the map and compass were enough.


I asked the print shop how much it’d be for a 33×12 laser print copy in color or BW. Color was around $30 and BW a few bucks. Since the whole project had the potential to be sanded down I went with the B&W which in hindsight was what I wanted anyway under the glaze color. I stressed the print, not the paper HAD to be 33 wide and 12″ tall. It was not. I should’ve had it remade but thought I could distress the  straight edges with sandpaper and it’d be no big deal. I was wrong.

The table had clear poly on it and I did nothing except wipe it off. I decided on the lighter copy over the darker one. Cut the two apart, lined it up with my table and saw it was not made to my size.

I applied Modge Podge. I know it’s been around forever but I’ve never used it. I picked the matte finish. Based on the wrinkles, I know you can’t tell but I did take an old credit card and thought I had most of the wrinkles out. I didn’t or they wrinkled as it dried. I was afraid if I tried to apply more then the glaze wouldn’t adhere to those areas so I started sanding the square edges where the paper wasn’t large enough trying to get an old look. I got a rough feel.


I had some leftover black paint and since I hate cleaning brushes I slapped some on the legs, front band edge and drug a little around the top edges to hopefully further hide the paper not reaching the edge with a foam brush. I noticed that in some places the paper had turned yellowish from the Modge Podge. I don’t like yellow but thankfully the glaze hid that. If you were doing a light colored paper and not adding glaze I can see where this could be a problem.


I was loosely  following a blog post by VintageFanGirl and found the recommended Rustoleum glaze at Home Depot. She’s right – it’s a great color. So on it went with another foam brush. and I loved it.


Since I’ve worked with polyurethane before and never Modge Podge until this I choose to go with satin Minwax poly after the glaze was dry. I didn’t like the yellowing and I am thinking I’ll put the table near a door that I know will be used. The glaze brush still hadn’t dried so I poured, yes poured some poly on the top because I didn’t want the glaze brush in the poly and I didn’t want to run to the store to get another one.


It worked fine. Now I just had to wait for it to dry. The picture above was taken while it was still wet hence the shine. I hoped the poly put on kinda heavy would level out some of the wrinkles and the rough edges. I only put one coat but it only helped seal it without helping my two issues. So that’s it. I love it even with it’s flaws, and I’m guessing it won’t be the last thing I decoupage.




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