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Super Moon & Before the Lake Lure Fire

I hadn’t been to Lake Lure in quite some time befor going with the H’ville Camera Club. It’s kinda weird to see the fire photos from the news and know I shot these just days before the burning. This trip was the first time I saw a kingfisher too! It was on the other side of the lake shot hand held but still neat to see even if my photo isn’t the best. There is anothe rone in the leaves straight to the left from the one in flight. I heard a ruskus and turned to shoot.

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The move. The cats bathroom. The adjustments. The long story.

Tyler & Trinity don’t like sounds, and they don’t like change. I actually don’t know any other cats that are as scared of sounds as they have been their entire lives.

I planned the move to the new house as best I could. We moved most everything the day before and only had our bed and the litter boxes to move that morning. After that was done, we went back to get the furbabies. From the moment we left our old house the worrisome cries began. I thought it’d be best to start in the laundry room where their litter boxes would be so they had a smaller area to get used to before increasing it to the main house, with plans later to open individual room doors.

My plan was a bust.

Hubby thought it was because the laundry had tile floors like the veterinarian’s office. They both dove into the bed together and continued to fear for their life.


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