The move. The cats bathroom. The adjustments. The long story.

Tyler & Trinity don’t like sounds, and they don’t like change. I actually don’t know any other cats that are as scared of sounds as they have been their entire lives.

I planned the move to the new house as best I could. We moved most everything the day before and only had our bed and the litter boxes to move that morning. After that was done, we went back to get the furbabies. From the moment we left our old house the worrisome cries began. I thought it’d be best to start in the laundry room where their litter boxes would be so they had a smaller area to get used to before increasing it to the main house, with plans later to open individual room doors.

My plan was a bust.

Hubby thought it was because the laundry had tile floors like the veterinarian’s office. They both dove into the bed together and continued to fear for their life.


Note the Collie size doggie door for big-boy on the right. As soon as we opened the door Tyler went thru the doggie door and Trinity went out the regular door. They were both doing the low crawl thing. Trinity headed straight for safety under the sofa and Tyler followed me around like a puppy and let me comfort him with petting. I had nothing planned except spending quiet time with them all day. I opened our bedroom door to put something in there and Trinity made a beeline for under the bed where Tyler joined her. Several hours later it’s like a switch was flipped. Trinity came out to explore with her head held so high she resembled a giraffe. I think if she could’ve walked on her back legs, she would have. She quickly surveyed the perimeter of the house and didn’t even hesitate to open the barn doors to check out even more of the house than I was ready to let them discover.

The gravel drive was also a big new frightening sound, and our cabinet hardware choice is pretty loud. They have learned that when the cabinet pull bangs against the metal back plate that sometimes signals me getting their food out and have become accustomed to it. The drive is not as bad as it was. The icemaker is hit or miss. Sometimes they ignore it and sometimes they run. Our cell phones and vacuum still are reasons to hide.


Tyler has taken to all the new throw rugs. Trinity is searching for sunny spots that this house much less of.  Tyler used to play behind the shower curtain of the last house and Trinity started that in this house. I am floored (pun intended) at the cat hair tumbling in blobs across the hardwood. I mean I knew they shed but geez the carpet showed so much less between vacuums. Within a few days of stepping on litter,  I bought a handheld Black & Decker vacuum and use it to suck up the stray litter, and hair tumbles. Ironically they are not as afraid of the handheld as they are the full size.

Okay now to discuss the new kitty bathroom.

All of my cats have always walked thru a doggie door to get to the litter boxes. Our first cat had a covered box in the kitchen. We didn’t like that. Then she had a door to a small closed-in area in the garage. TnT started out as kittens using a door.  A side note. To get them used to it, we mounted the door on a cardboard box and they had to go thru the door to get to food. As we increased their house access we inched it closer to where it would reside and swapped out food for litter boxes. Back to this move.  I had to find a way to turn off the washer and dryer sound alerts because the new boxes are in the laundry.  Jenny with had a post about how her mom made a swing panel in the door. Unfortunately that wouldn’t work for us, so we added another doggie door in the wall. Note to doggie door makers- it’d help if more of you added a 4″ sleeve for use in walls instead of making your pet doors just for door thickness. Trinity still pees over the tall NVRmiss litter boxes especially when her crystals start bothering her. So, I added plastic to the walls with the bottom not attached to go OVER the pee pads so if urine hit the wall, it’d run onto the pads and not under them.


I  put a piece of plexiglass down to protect the floor, layered on pee pads and then the PetFusion litter mats.

This worked for the urine but the litter was going everywhere. I bought a jumbo litter mat by Easylogy and even though I have to vacuum it daily, it keeps most of the litter from leaving the room.

In hindsight, the 2 PetFusion ToughGrip mats don’t do much to keep the litter contained and although the lip helps hold pee, it is not quite large enough for true overspray, plus it has a little V cut into the edge that gives liquid a place to run out.

The jumbo litter mat by Easylogy is too big and cumbersome to move the boxes off each day to shake, but the litter vacuums easily enough and it is washable if it needs it. I’m very pleased with it.

I set the netcams up for the first time ever where I could see the actual boxes in use. Before I could only have them aimed at the doggie doors.

I’ve learned that big boy stands with his feet up on the high sided boxes to go and I know he’s got to like the higher ceilings in this bathroom. If I see anything unusual when I scoop I can go back and look at the emailed photos and see who did what in regards to clump size, soft stool etc. I’ve also learned that only Trinity urinates over the side.

She will no longer touch the C/D wet food so I stopped buying it to just throw it out. Instead, she gets to eat the same wet food as her brother and when she appears to start having urinary problems, she’s fed her dry s/d and it clears right up. I’m sure not letting the crystals form in the first place is ideal but I can’t make her eat the c/d anymore. She will occasionally eat a urinary formula, by I think Purina, but it is not grain free and most of it goes in the trash too. The wet grain free with occasional S/D has to work until someone comes out with something she’ll eat.

So there’s my long-winded account of my cats and the move. I am thrilled to report that we have not seen any more seizures from Trinity. I need to get them to the vet for a check up but I’m sure they will fuss that Tyler is at the heaviest he’s been.


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