Super Moon & Before the Lake Lure Fire

I hadn’t been to Lake Lure in quite some time befor going with the H’ville Camera Club. It’s kinda weird to see the fire photos from the news and know I shot these just days before the burning. This trip was the first time I saw a kingfisher too! It was on the other side of the lake shot hand held but still neat to see even if my photo isn’t the best. There is anothe rone in the leaves straight to the left from the one in flight. I heard a ruskus and turned to shoot.



I don’t know about the rest of the world but around here we’ve not been able to view most of blood moons or other sky events because of weather. We’ve been a severe drought and the fires burning had me thinking I wouldn’t get the super moon this time. Now of course that’s insignficant in those fighting the fires, the animals and people in danger and homes that may be lost.  This is what I saw both evenings until the moon was higher in the sky than I was hoping to get.

The later in the evening after it was too high for the trees to give it a sense of scale the smoke was less visiable. These super moon photos were taken over 2 days. I don’t see myself out in the chilly morning, if I’m still around when the next one comes in I think they said 2034 or something.


Early smoke filled evenings and early cold mornings. There’s a few in there of my playing around too.



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