Got canvas?

Encouraged by the table remake, I decided to try making a sign for my kitchen out of a canvas print I had made but no longer wanted to hang from a trip to Florida.


I looked online for sayings and came down to nine I liked. I let my hubby choose which one since I liked them all. Glad he didn’t pick the one with the most words 🙂

Wallet (9)

I had bought way too many sample paints when trying to pick wall colors so I used those. I didn’t get in on this deal, but Lowes offered them for like a dollar after I’d bought all of mine at full price. But hey, I only changed my mind on one color in the whole house.

I bought the wood graining tool for the pantry door then decided against it, but I did use it on the sign. I had no method that I could repeat, just paint on, wipe off and repeat with same or different color until I liked the look.p1240652-small

The hardest part of the whole thing was getting the banner to print. I’ve never been able to get the banner paper to print and this time was no different. After wasting several sheets I just printed it on regular paper and lined them up and taped them together. It was a tad taller and I had to free hand in the missing tops and bottoms of the text. I used carbon paper and traced the text onto my painted canvas. Tip- the carbon doesn’t erase off.p1240653-small


I tried a sharpie first and boy was it easier than a paintbrush but I didn’t love it, plus I only had one purple sharpie on hand.p1240655-small


I thought I was done with the photo above but “Doubts” was too hard to see so I filled it in with more paint.


It’s not perfect but I like it. You could buy a blank canvas but I knew I didn’t want to use the beach collage photos I took anymore. This repurpose went WAY better than trying to Rit dye my towels and a pair of pillows.

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