Tyler Thursday

In our home, this Thursday is all about Tyler. At his vet check-up it was determined he was due for another dental and he now has FLORs that requires at least one tooth be extracted today.


I hate it when they have to go under anesthesia because anything can happen. I’ve prayed for Tyler and for my vet and I’m trying to not worry.

I’ve got a note to remind them that Tyler would try to ingest Clorox smelling cleaning products and that he gets diarrhea from some antibitoics. I’m not sure if they give antibiotics or pain meds but I would think so.

I’ve asked for a digital x-ray to make sure there isn’t more FLORs under the gum line and to make sure that tooth in the front fell out, not broke off. I’m hoping they can see if his teeth are hitting now for some reason at the end of his yawns.

Since he’s gained weight and he’s always had the nerve issues I’m wondering if I should ask for a diabetes urine test since he hasn’t eaten even though his blood sugar glucose last week was fine at 109.

Maybe getting a urinalysis for diabetes and pH would be a good idea. He licks quite a bit and it’s not always anal gland issues. His left eye is still running and I forgot to specifically ask about both his and Trinity’s joints and diet with them turning 10 in a few months.

Well, I think I’m going to hop in the shower to keep him from staring at me wondering why I’m starving him. I didn’t hear cat fights last night and that really surprised me.

Wish I knew when you drop them off from a set time when they really started. We’ll take a little prayer if you’re up to it. ~



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