Tyler dental update and sibling strife

In the past Trinity has always really cared and watched over her brother. This time she didn’t seem to miss him while he was at the vets and she doesn’t seem all that sisterly now that he’s home. Guess it’s payback for how he treats her. She has also become a real pain with my mouse cord!

Tyler looks dopey from the oral Buprenex and he’s shaking his head and licking his lips quite a bit.

He wasn’t head shaking or anything before, there was no change in eating etc to give me a clue he had FLORs.  Typically, nothing to do with FLORs or the extraction, lip licking is followed by both Tyler and Trinity with vomiting, but I imagine his mouth just hurts. I’ve been more successful getting the pain meds in him than the oral Azithromycin antibiotic. He’ll be fed soft food only for at least 3 days. I’m hoping he just sleeps and heals.

I reminded the vet about his obsession with Clorox type products and that at least one antibiotic caused him to have diarrhea. That’s why he’s on oral antibiotic instead of a longer lasting shot.


He has a bit of a nose whistle going on and he looks like he’s trying not to succumb to a drug-induced sleep. He isn’t eating near as much but he’s eaten and went to the bathroom. I knew he put his front legs on the litter box to basically stand to poo but this morning he did it to pee too.

Okay on to the vet notes.

He only had to have the one tooth extracted because right now that’s all the FLORs they saw. I asked for a digital x-ray and was shocked at what that looked like. I had Googled it because I wanted them to look at the missing tooth in the front on the bottom for any left over tooth, in case it broke off, and to make sure they got all the tooth / root from the one they extracted. I’m no vet but it’s basically neck and headshot and I can’t hardly even see the teeth much less a good clear look to see if there were any pieces of tooth or FLOR’s below the gum line. Looks like a complete waste to me. I’m hoping they could tell something about it.

This is what I was thinking I was going to see from Googling feline digital dental x-ray.


and this is an enhanced and cropped image of what Tyler got for $55.


Guess we can tell his jaw and vertebrae look fine. Pretty disappointing look at his teeth though!

I forgot to ask if he has dissolving stitches, a gaping hole, and about the root. Here’s the removed tooth that had FLORs (pic on the right).


The vet said their joints were okay but I’m still going to start the joint supplements. Trinity looks to be favoring one of her front legs a little. He said he would not change their diet.

Tyler’s teeth are still making that clinking hitting sound at the end of a yawn but the vet didn’t see where they’ve been hitting. I asked for a urinalysis while he was under one because he’s overweight and I wanted to know if there was glucose in his urine and what the pH was since his sister has crystals. His pH was 7 and looked clear.

I dropped him off at 8:30 and was able to speak to my vet when I left him. I misunderstood that he’d be done by 11 and went back and he still being worked on. I went back at 2. Today I plan just to watch him not so much for his teeth or bleeding but because of the pain meds and to watch for any reaction the antibiotic.

Right now he’s dreaming. I swear my cats have what looks like more bad dreams that average. His nerves are still bothering him but they’ve been that way his whole life. That was another reason for wanting to make sure his blood sugar was okay. Today we plan on a quiet day at home.

After we pay off the $840 in credit card fees for my cats, I may try to find a doctor for my ailments I’ve put off for years and years.

I’ll keep up the prayers for a speedy recovery. I hate seeing my furbabies in pain.

Thank you for the prayers ~

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