Daily Archives: March 29, 2017

CCoH March Before & After and Repetition

These are my 3 for Gimmie your best shot, repetition, and if you think they look familiar they were all from my last trip to the Biltmore House. The Gimmie your best shots have to be shot this year and I didn’t have time to go back thru this year of photos or purposely do a shoot for the theme so I used these.

Even though I was a member of the camera club starting back in 2010, I wasn’t a member when we did before and after shots. The club provides some images to choose from and each member edits up to 3 as they see fit. I think it’s neat to see the common and unique things each photographer sees. It’s sort of like Chrysta Rae’s Scavenger hunts over on Google+, well maybe a little more ‘inside the box’ than those 🙂

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