Strawberry fields forever

So the only thing my last field trip with CCoH has in common with the song are well, strawberries.


Mike, the field trip coordinated for the camera club had a full day scouted out. It started with an abandoned farmhouse, moved to Cooley’s Strawberry Hill in SC, and lunch followed by a delicious strawberry shake, then the small South Carolina town of Chesnee then concluded with an old gas station and building, I think off Hwy 9.

I had actually edited these shortly after the outing. I realized as I was trying to tidy up my photo dump folder, before working on a product shoot and planning for another CCoH field trip, that I had yet to post them. No fun just letting them sit on the hard drive.

I love getting together with people sharing the same hobby. It’s always neat to see what others see in the same spots I was in.  CCoH is a great group of people.


I’ll get to the Kentucky post & photos before long I hope.  I like seeing and shooting way more than sitting at the computer afterward!






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