Why I’m probably done with Shutterfly.

Third strike and you’re out.

  1. My beach book came with a big white spine even though that was NOT on the preview.
    ordered full spread

    They don’t offer full spread covers with one easy click but I used the same photo on the front, back and spine and lined it up best I could to simulate a simple full spread cover.

    P1290006 (Small)

    What I received did NOT look like the preview.

  2. We moved. I had the correct address on the ship to, yet they sent it to my old address and just told me to wait until they got it back and they’d resend it after it beat around in the mail.
  3. The Kentucky book was ordered on the 6th. It’s the 21st and I still have NO book. I ordered another one for my Aunt the next day. She got hers on the 15th. After several frustrating emails where the person obviously didn’t read what I wrote, I’m to the email below. Tracking shows it’s ready for pick up at Shutterfly. One email late on the 18th after the mail had run, the email said to contact them if I didn’t have it by the 19th- Really?  Here 15 days after my order was placed they are offering me these choices:

Hello Kim,

Thank you for contacting Shutterfly.

We are sorry that your package has not yet arrived. We truly understand your level of frustration and concern. We realize that this is an inconvenience and would like to present the following alternatives for your consideration:

1) Please tell us if you would like a reorder at no additional cost to be delivered to you. (This can also be to an alternate address if you would like).
2) We can insert a gift certificate for $34.65 – you can use this against any expense at Shutterfly and the gift certificate does not have an expiration date.
3) Add credits for the free 8×11 photo book and Economy delivery to your account. The credit will be valid for one month.
4) If you are interested in a refund for the same, please let us know and we will be glad to coordinate the next steps.

We are sorry to say that we do not have an option to provide more than one option on our end. Please select any one of the option and we will be able to assist you further.

Please let us know if we can offer additional information.

Basically, they’ll provide me after all this time with the book I paid for. Gee what a deal.

A credit for the book I paid for and never got. So, I took the money off my credit card and will put it as a credit, good for month for a book. I used coupon offers for the book I ordered. Regularly over $73 I paid $35 so I can not make again for the same price. Plus I wouldn’t have spent weeks making it and ordered it if I didn’t want it.

Or my money back for the book I paid for and I never got. Yep returning funds because book wasn’t sent. Isn’t that pretty much standard to not pay for what you don’t get?

Oh and why would I want to ship it to a different address- it wasn’t my screw up.

Wow that is horrible customer service!

Now let me go into yet one more problem on the product itself. (Kind of the same problem as my beach book). Not keeping what is previewed and saved.


page 39

What I previewed and saved and ordered

screw up pg 39

What was on the share site 2 weeks after I previewed, saved and ordered the correct page.

I went back to the share site (since I don’t have my &%&^ book)  Page 39 was all screwed up. I line up every box and totally make a custom book – like I always do.

I preview, I triple check before hitting order- and today when I looked page 39 it had been all screwed up. I edit every single photo how it lines up in the box, how the boxes line up, where the photo is in the box. I wait for the green lines to tell me every photo box is lined up and page 39 was NOT how I previewed it and ordered it. I have no idea what they supposedly mailed out to me on the 10th or what they sent my Aunt.

I fixed it today but since it’s been 14 days since I previewed and okay’d the book I have no idea if I put it back the way I had it when it was saved and ordered on the 6th.

Update. After too many emails to count, Diane W is offering to send me what I ordered and paid for on the 6th, but never received and give me a $20 credit for the hassle – but it’s only good for a month. Nope, scratch that I have to add them to the cart and hit order again but it isn’t giving me what I’ve already paid for.

The credits added to your account will take care of any cost associated with reordering the corrected project. You will need to place the new order on your end in order to receive the corrected photo book. The $20 credit is valid until June 21, 2017 and cannot be extended.  If you need additional assistance, please contact us at 888-225-7159. 

I called. I waited 7 minutes. I got someone who couldn’t hear me. Contacting again!!

yep no credits there

No saved credits there, no promo codes, nothing under my account. So pissed right now.

It shouldn’t be this hard, and take this much time to get a photo book. Blurb, Snapfish, Walmart, Walgreens, Adorama here I come.

After over 15 years I’m now done.

Update to the update. I finally got thru and credits were applied. The offer was extended a bit. Now I’ve spent WAY more time on this than need be. I won’t be getting to any of my Little Switzerland trip photos today.

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