Smoky Mountain Field Trip w. CCoH

CCoH is setting up for another record year of outings. Not sure how Mike can find and schedule this many things to see and shoot for a group! If you’re a member you also get to read Bob’s informative newsletters, and see the great videos John puts together… and that’s just a few of the perks.

This trip included Smokey Mountain Railroad in Bryson City.  I want to visit again and ride the train for my birthday this year- well that or plant a white birch tree grove.

The train crossing the Tuckasiegee River on an old train trestle. I wanted to shoot the train in motion. We passed the turn-off and had just a few minutes to set up. I got flustered with my settings. I shot one 20 sec exposure too soon and several later than I’d hoped. The still shot if from my old phone.



Then to the Nantahala Outdoor Center.


After lunch in Bryson City at Jimmy Mac’s we drove to Deep Creek in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s nice to visit with the other camera club members.

I saw 3 waterfalls (Tom Branch, Indian Creek, Juney Wank) and one copperhead. That’s 3 snakes I’ve seen so far this year.  One of the waterfalls, I think it was Tom Branch had 3 boys climbing at the top. Wonder if they knew that at the bottom they had a dozen photographers who’d capture a fall? I have videos of each of the waterfalls, but my camera was set on RAW only and I don’t have a clue how to edit  the videos.

Nothing like living in Western North Carolina!

2 thoughts on “Smoky Mountain Field Trip w. CCoH

    1. KiM Post author

      Joe, a few people said it was a copperhead. The first one I’ve seen in the woods. Kinda glad to see on in real life, because he wasn’t that vividly marked and I may have mistaken him for something else. Not that I want to get that close to any snake ~



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