The camera club’s theme for July was liquid, which happened to be several of the things I had on my “shoot ideas list”.  Doesn’t everyone have one of those?

My first thought was photos of my cats, but photos for this had to be taken this year, so I decided to shoot some of the setups from my list.

According to Wikipedia, “liquid takes the shape of a container” and maintains “almost-fixed volume.” So there you have it. Cats are liquids!

I take it the rules are up for interpretation… so here’s my frozen liquid.

Steam and fog. Yep, hubby was thrilled about the shower shot 🙂

Here are a few oldies with some recent shots from outings that I had tagged “liquid”.


Now this one (below) I wanted to show what liquid could do, but I failed. I tried several tunes with Gerber daisies out of my yard, then these daisies I bought, and if I had found baby’s breath or carnations, I would’ve tried those too. My thought was to have some of the flowers soak up food coloring while keeping at least one natural. It didn’t work. I cut the stems at an angle, I used anywhere from a few drops of liquid to the remainder of the container. Yet none of the flowers ever showed color in the petals. Heck, I even read you could use lettuce. So here’s my photoshopped version since my experiment didn’t work.


The ones below were also purposefully shot for this theme, mostly to show how water can displace a pattern.

I shot these because we live in Western NC, the home of Cheerwine and Moonpies, both celebrating their 100th anniversary. The wine glass with Cheerwine and Moonpie on china,  is supposed to be funny. Although my cousin will tell you that as kids we’d walk around with our finger purposefully covering the word Cheer… like anyone would think we were drinking wine from a can. Well, that was before you could buy it in a box. 🙂

Okay now to the messiest funniest ones. You remember I said I wanted to take less photos to have to edit this year? Well, that went right out the window when I tried out the 4K setting on my camera.

I intend to write another post with more details on how I went about making some of these, with more photos. They were all so different and fun to do. These are a mixture of water, oil, food coloring, and dish soap.  I submitted the 3 of these for the camera club.

Even if you’re not into photography, they were still fun experiments to watch, and for just a bit you can feel like a kid again.P1070818-smP1070744-smP1080083-smP1080106-sm

update 7-12-17- I had these on another SD card that I forgot I used during the same day of play. Found them too late for the club’s entry but still wanted to share. Most of these were done in a pyrex dish filled with water, oil and possible food coloring and soap, held off the colored object by two Corningware dishes.


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