Sunsets, Bears, Rain, Fog, Storms, Sun, a Bridge and Rainbows – oh my. #LoveWhereWelive

I went along with my friend Paula,  to act like a fool so dogs would look toward her camera  during a photo shoot she had.


Then last minute we drove up to Jump Off Rock and it was stunning! There was rain to our left, smoke from a fire in the middle, topped on the right with a setting sun and beautiful crepuscular rays crossing the whole scene… Couldn’t ask for anything more!




Another friend had posted a photo of Poinsett bridge and it’s been on my list to go for ages. My mom rode with me to photograph the 660 flags and we decided to just go for a drive afterward when I saw the sign for the bridge.



Mid week, I rode with Marjorie with CCoH to Craggy Gardens on another well-planned field trip by Mike. I was up way past my bedtime 🙂 but worth it.


I spotted a mama bear on a bank while we were driving. Marjorie turned around and when we went back I could only see the mama’s ears and while I was trying to find her with my camera Majorie saw the cub. I think this is my 4th or 5th time seeing a black bear in the wild. After waiting out the downpour, we hiked to the top of Craggy Dome.



We were rewarded with crepuscular rays and rainbows.



I love living in the WNC mountains!

3 thoughts on “Sunsets, Bears, Rain, Fog, Storms, Sun, a Bridge and Rainbows – oh my. #LoveWhereWelive

    1. KiM Post author

      Wow Joe- what a compliment. Thank you! I’m glad other people enjoy seeing them because I enjoying seeing what I’m shooting. We hiked again today and miraculously we didn’t get wet (other than my feet from wearing the wrong shoes). We saw 3 waterfalls and deer, but the pics will have to live on the SD card until another day ~


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