Just a day in the woods

Dillingham Rd butterflies-12-e-sm

We’ve been getting tons of rain but hubby and I saw a day to go hiking so we took it. We managed to stay mostly dry other than my feet because I wore the wrong shoes. The waterfalls were great with all the rain and the trails were not crowded.

I can never decide where I want to go and I’m directionally challenged. Hubby picked the waterfalls and we headed toward Walker Falls. On the way there we saw thousands of butterflies covering the road. For the most part, they were in bunches and he just avoided them and the potholes. We got to a bridge and they happened to be where the tires needed to go so I got out and shooed them away. Not sure what they were doing, mating maybe? but they didn’t seem bothered by me or the fact that I was trying to move them somewhere safer.  Butterflies everywhere https://youtu.be/lG9aDdmxHxY

We passed this waterfall onth side of the road, and several others that day. I’m not sure of the names.


Walker Falls is pretty and right on the side of the road.


We saw lots of Turks Cap and whatever this red explosion flower is.

On the walk to Douglas Falls / Carter Creek Falls, we passed our favorite Lowes appliance salesperson and his wife- Funny thing is we saw them out in the woods another time too. What can I say we all like seeing what our beautiful Western NC mountains has to see. Remember when I said I wore the wrong shoes? I had just finished saying I needed to get some new hiking shoes when I slipped. Thankfully no-one but hubby saw me on the ground. Should’ve worn my big ole hiking boots with shorts regardless of how it looked. I mean I already had camera straps crisscrossed over my chest which I really hate, because I haven’t found the new bag yet.  Okay, back to the walk in sloshing shoes and a muddy backside, we saw way too many huge dead hemlock trees, a few mushrooms, the falls and hubby even spotted a snail.

A few Cheeze-It’s and a GF bar and we were back on the road toward Roaring Fork Falls and a gas station. I saw this barn earlier and we went back for a pic. We drove thru some ridiculously heavy rain shortly after that but thankfully we were in the car and not on a trail.


Then we saw these 3 deer on a road that reminded me of Tail of The Dragon.


Isn’t Bambi cute?!

My GPS took us on a windy, narrow, hope we don’t meet another car road, before we found Roaring Fork Falls https://youtu.be/786lgIZC_Wg


Now the sky was dark, and it was thundering again so I didn’t carry my tripod even though the hike wasn’t too long. If I would’ve had a walking stick, better shoes on, my tripod and wasn’t afraid of getting struck by lightning, I would’ve crossed more to the other side so the water didn’t run into the edge of my photo. Not quite silky water but it’s the best I could do handheld in a hurry.




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