Still would like to SEE the milky way


Yesterday was hot, 94 in the shade today, 115 in the sun. Thankfully we didn’t have to work outside. I did a few computer things that needed to be done and I attempted to edit a  waterfall video while learning Premiere – but geez I just wanted to flip it to vertical and straighten it and I got fed up before that was accomplished. I’ll try again another day.

The camera club planned to go Sunday night during the new moon to shoot the milky way from the Blue Ridge Parkway. We planned to go Saturday night so we wouldn’t be out so late needing to get up for work on Monday. Early to bed, early to rise in this house.

P1080283-sm  P1080281-sm

Just before dinner, we saw on Facebook that they were evacuating Pisgah to search for an armed man who had kidnapped and stolen a bike at gunpoint. The few times we’d planned in advance to see the fall leaves, there was not once, but twice, a gas-line main break, gas shortage, and high prices so we just chalked it up to fate. I went outside after dinner and snapped a few hummingbird pics. Everything was by the door because again this year I’m still trying to capture some lighting. Not sure if the light bar is really there or my camera.


Then we decided what the heck, we’d drive to see if the parkway was still open coming in from another direction- and it was. We had to go thru a check point and trunk inspection, on the way home though.

Back to the outing… so it was pushing a little late when we got to the sunset where we’d planned and the sun was already behind the mountains,  and not knowing what all the overlooks offer we just picked a spot by ourselves a few miles past Graveyard fields.

Then back to wait for darkness while sitting in the car staring up thru the skylight watching the clouds cover and uncover the stars. Still no Milky Way in sight. I learned Googly Sky doesn’ t show you where it is you’re supposed to look and that it had buttons that pop up to display or hide stuff… who knew. Maybe I’ll read directions some day.

Stars started to appear, then disappear behind thin clouds. We never saw the milky way and I ended up trashing all my pics from this spot. BUT, on the way home, we passed an overlook full of photographers all pointing cameras the same direction. Assuming they all knew what they were shooting, we pulled off in the grass as soon as we could. These few photos of what I think is the milky way are all from that spot.


Since my hubby is semi-interested in the sky, star, and moon, I wanted us to see the milky way for the first time together. Turns out we did – we just didn’t really see much of anything and found ourselves saying “you think that’s it?” on more than one occasion during the night. I could see NOTHING thru my camera so I just aimed (I hoped) where I was looking and pressed the timer/shutter.  Too long and they had star movement, too short and they didn’t let in enough light. Then, of course, you had the occasional car headlights ruin an exposure.  Even though they are nowhere close to the best milky way shots they show more than we saw.

Been a long time since we’ve been out that late. We were both shocked at the number of cars out on the parkway, especially since getting to it was partially blocked off.

I’ll try again, but I’d like to have something in the foreground. This morning before I even looked at what I shot, hubby called me in to see a time-lapse Jared Kay made… and it was impressive!

Now, if you’lll excuse me,  I need a nap.

UPDATE: wish I’d seen this first

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