Mood: A temporary state of mind or feeling. Inducing or suggestive of a particular feeling or state of mind
KY April 2017-356-sm
CCoH critiqued forum for July’s theme was ‘mood’. I think every good picture should evoke a mood, feeling or emotion and tell a story. I have been working on my Lightroom tags and these were tagged with some adjective for mood.

Foggy sunrise 5-9-15 (2)-sm    20141206_143203-e 1-4-smglobe in the sky -sm P1080713-e-3-smP1110739-e 19 (2)-sm Stillness. 1-8-12 8of366. fogged Indian summer-sm

I narrowed it down to these:

P1290322-e-sm 6-27-07 (5)surprise-sm Copy of 6-14-04.pepto-sm IMG_5901 6-2-2009-sm P1000441-e-sm   P1000442-e-sm  WWPW2016Hville-14-sm 31 of 52 sad flower 7-31-12 (3)-smP1050032-e-sm-2 P1270066-e-sm

and sent in these 3.


sad, empathy tears


Not amused Trinity


Grumpy Bird

Now back to keyword tagging, file deleting, computer backing-up, learning Adobe Premier and work ~

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