8-21-17 100% clouds cover total solar eclipse


I have to say I’m pretty sad we missed it. I planned for months. I read so much and did test after test in the hot sun. 

P1310040-smP1310044-sm-2P1310070-sm-2P1090445-3-smP1310064-smP1310091-1-smOur view or totality-smP1310200-smP1310251-sm

We put forth a lot of effort to be where we needed to be and brought list of what we needed to bring. I had camera settings in hand and purposefully didn’t drink hardly anything since we wouldn’t be near a bathroom from 9:30 till 4.  You can’t say we didn’t try. I know now my cameras are capable of capturing some cool sun spots and we got t-shirts 🙂

Now I just need to try to get all the tape goop off my two lens caps where I taped on the solar filters.

We had family come in and at least we got to spend some time with them. Maybe next time we’ll see it!

Here’s my 12-minute video https://youtu.be/rGg9EPik4Pw

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5 thoughts on “8-21-17 100% clouds cover total solar eclipse

  1. Bill Ramsey

    We had a near miss ourselves. However, at the last minute the clouds gave us the viewing gap we needed. What an experience. We saw the diamond ring off the left shoulder of the moon as it reached the total point. Lasted only about four seconds. We also saw the crescents on the ground.


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