New bag AND a new Fz2500?

2500I am looking at buying a 4-month-old camera from another camera club member. Because of the way my brain works I decided to make a pro and con sheet to help me decide. At least buying a used camera from someone I trust is better than buying one from someone I don’t know. I like to get my gear new because I have all the parts and the warranty and I know how I take care of my gear for resale.  I wouldn’t consider it if I didn’t know the person. Update I decided it wasn’t a purchase I should make right now, and I’m happy with my Fz1000.

I am looking at the new FZ2500 but I’m not sure there are enough pros to justify the expense just yet, as it hasn’t come down much in a year. especially since most of the improvements are for videographers more than still photographers. The fz1000 got a gold rating and the more expensive fz2500 came in with a silver. I don’t want to think I’m suffering from Gear Acquisition Syndrome when I really don’t care what other people are shooting with. Isn’t it about time for them to announce another one?

SAME as the fz1000 Sensor size, megapixels/resolution, same build material,  Leica lens

A disprove to the soft lens is here


  • DPreview says still photos are a softer – that’s a concern. Read here and here
    A disprove to the soft lens is here
  • Slower to turn on and be ready to shoot- with birds that will matter.
  • slower lens at tele. The max aperture at full zoom is 4.5 instead of 4.0
  • It weighs more- not a lot but some.
  • It is larger -not a lot but some.
  • It has a shorter battery life- just 10 shots.
  • a little less flash range
  • I already paid to have the huge manual printed spiral bound on my 300 and 1000 and would be adding that expense again
  • This is true when you change but most of my filters etc won’t work as they’re 52mm and 62mm and it’s 72mm.


  • The tripod thread is in a much better place and you can open the darn battery door. That is a biggie.
  • They added an internal variable ND filters- Now I already have filters for what I own.
  • It is 24-480 (over the 1000’s 25-400), still not 600 like my Fz300.
  • It is a touchscreen. I’m almost neutral on this because my fz300 is touch and I forget to use it. Same with focus stacking. I prefer to use PS.
  • Some more dpi on the LCD. Always nice but I sill have to wear my bifocals at this point.

Changed but mostly neutral on (includes all video changes not listed)

  • They moved the SD slot to the side instead of near the battery
  • The lens hood is just weird. Large and square with holes.
  • some places I read its max shutter speed is 1/4000 instead of the fz1000 1/16000 but that can’t be right and until I know it is it’s staying here in the netural list instead of being moved the con pile same with the min focus distance being 3mm instead of 1mm
  • It has a separate zoom and focus ring instead of the toggle and one ring
  • The barrel doesn’t extend when zooming it does it internally after the initial on.
  • They added a headphone jack
  • It has the post focus like my fz300
  • a few more custom buttons but I don’t use all I have now.
  • Not sure if Lightroom will edit the RAW files – that’d be a con.


Here are my thoughts on the cameras I’ve owned

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